Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday workout with Angela

My friend Angela showed up at The Press to workout with me today! I was thrilled to have someone to workout with. I showed Angela the VO2 max workout today...

Snatch - VO2 max 15:15 style...
16kg 7 reps 30 sets
~16kg was a big challenge, and I knew it would be... but the challenges were unexpected. My left rhomboid was acting up, then on the 2oth set I tore the callous off my right (wtf?) palm! Angela loved the VO2 Max work out!

I showed Ang a TracyStyle workout...
Swings - 20kg; 20reps
Swing/Clean - 16kg; 5/5
Swings - 12kg; 10/10/10/10
Thrusters - 16kg; 5/5
Swings - 16kg; 10/10
Swings/Snatch - 12kg; 5/5/5/5
~I go you go, two times through. Ang loved this one!

Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12kgs - 6/6
16/16kgs - 5/5
16/16kgs - 5/5

Pistols - some


Taikei Matsushita said...

Bulgarian with over heads, something to challenge.

VO2 Max you are doing is a standard for RKC "male" instructors. God you're strong!

fawn said...


I will try the Bulgarian with over heads... great idea!

Tracy Reifkind is doing VO2 max with the 16kg for 40 sets! I am doing this just to keep up with her!

Franz Snideman said...

Love the workout - nice combination of movements!

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! It was a little bit of everything!