Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday workout with Angela

Another great workout with my friend Angela!

Double Swing/Punisher Ladder
12 Double Swings
1 Punisher
11 DS
2 P's
10 DS
3 P's
9 DS
4 P's
5 P's
7 DS
6 P's
6 DS
7 P's
5 DS
8 P's
4 DS
9 P's
3 DS
10 P's
2 DS
11 P's
1 DS
12 P's
~Took us about 15 minutes to get through it.

Double Cleans
20/20kg - 5
16/16kg - 5
12/12kg - 5
Five sets of 5 cleans each, in a descending ladder.
~Some rest, but not lots.

12kg - 3L/3R
16kg - 2L/2R
20kg - 2L/2R


Howie Brewer said...

Hiya Fawn, this is a new one for me, what are Punishers??

Mark Reifkind said...

exactly? Punishers?

fawn said...

A punisher is like a squat thrust with a deadlift at the end. I just hold on the the KB's after the double swings and jump back to a plank position, jump forward feet between the kb's and stand up holding on to the kb's. It must be a Brad Nelson thing.

Taikei Matsushita said...

RKC's punishment was squat thrust wasn't it? Must have got from there.

3 different weights of TGU, how does it feel?

Tracy said...

So no rest between dbl sw & P ? Or did you all take turns?

fawn said...

We didn't really schedule a rest time... but we did have to stop to make adjustments to Angela's weight. There was short rest time, now I don't remember exactly what...


Now that you ask... working up in weight seamed to make the 20kg easier! I meant to do on with the 24kg... I just ran out of time.

Mark Reifkind said...

actually I think that's a Steve Maxwell invention, Nasty.

fawn said...

I never had a chance to meet Steve Maxwell... I have heard nothing but wonderful things.