Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gym Day... at last!

Finally... I got back to the gym! It was a very necessary break. It was Aaron's idea to take a few days off, I couldn't have done it by myself. It is hard to stop a habit. I understand how this squataholic thing happens. LOL!

Back Squat
95lbs X 5
135 X 5
160 7 sets, 3 reps
~Much easier with no DL's.... I practiced finding my groove. Next week I should work on moving faster on the assent.

Bulgarian Split Squat
25/25lbs X 5/5
35/35lbs X 3/3
40/40lbs X 3/3
40/40lbs X 3/3
30/30lbs X 5/5


~The whole workout took about 40 minutes. I tried to keep less than 2 minutes of rest between squat sets. I super set the BSS and P-ups with plenty of rest between sets. Everything felt easy and natural. The pull-ups could have been stronger... Oh well. I just happy to be at the gym.


Mark Reifkind said...

there ya go. with all the multiple sets and the short rest periods your form gets easier to find all the time.good start.

fawn said...

Thanks Mark, I was hoping you would comment on my workout! I will get another video up next week so you can give me some feed back on my form. I have been concentrating on keeping the bar low on my back and getting my breathing right. I am still trying to find where I should hold my gaze... I want to look up without losing my long spine.

Franz Snideman said...

nice to be back in the gym, isn't it?

I find that after a rest I am most always stronger!!! Nice workout to. I love bulgarian split squats!!!!

Are you going to compete in the 2008 April TSC?

fawn said...


It was Aaron's idea to take a break... he promised me I would be stronger afterward. I do feel stronger.

Nothing hits my glutes like Bulgarian split squats! I am a huge fan of this movement. All my clients train BSS as well. I see glute weakness is very common here in the mid-west.

My plan is to compete in a full power meet in February...

I will compete in the TSC as well, but I don't think I will train for it. My plan is for my regular "vanilla" training to be adequate preparation for the TSC.

Aaron Friday said...

With your schedule, I don't think you'll need to train specifically for the TSC. I'd like to get to that point as well.