Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kinetic Edge

I haven't posted a message lately because I haven't really been training. I have been enjoying some time away from structured exercise. My shoulders have been bugging me a little, and my thoracic has been bugging me as well. I crashed up my motorcycle in 2001... oops! It isn't really a big deal. I'm just a baby and will avoid training when it isn't comfortable.

Here is the fun stuff I have been doing... I have been filling in for Brad Nelson at Kinetic Edge.
The new location for KE is beautiful. I snapped a couple pictures to show off how really nice a space this is. Way nice spot! Ropes, rings, clubbells, heavy bag, etc. His students were awesome, and all very capable and prepared for everything I had to throw at them... and very good sports to train with me!

I have been doing a vanilla yoga practice and swinging a 12kg for demos in class. Otherwise I have been just eating well and resting. I feel great! I will resume training soon. Hopefully tomorrow at The Press for DL's. I am off to a slow start for the PL meet in February.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Thanks for the picture. A good reference for me what to open here in future. More place for people than machines, awesome!
What does the exterior look like?
Ware house? or a building like a shopping mall?

fawn said...


Kinetic Edge is located in a strip mall, next door to a chiropractor's office. I have more pictures if you would like to see. Or, I will take you over there when you are in town for RKC II next summer!

Mike T Nelson said...

Kinetic Edge is a great place! Thanks for posting the new pics of the new space. Very nice!

Nice work on listening to your body--wise choice.

If you need another Z appnt, drop me a line.

Rock on
Mike N

Lauren said...

Great spot! So you are signed up for the RKC 2?

fawn said...

The TSC will be awesome in April. The new spot is great! I do need another Z appointment. My schedule has been crazy!

fawn said...


I'm not signed up yet, but I am planning on going. Especially now that so many people I know from blogland are going.