Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Fancy New Belt...

I just got a new lifting belt. It was a gift from my Best Bud Tracy Reifkind. This may sound a little compulsive... but now that I have this fabulous belt I have decided to participate in the Minnesota State Open PL meet. It's in February. This will be my first meet. I am planning on lifting raw. I have been lifting for two years and swinging Kettlebells for a little over a year. This is kind of a big deal for me.

I have several things working in my favor. I have practiced yoga for over 10 years world class teachers. I have a brother-in-law who is an accomplished PL'er who will be coaching me. Tracy gave me a special belt (you can see it in the video below), and offered up her husband Mark Reifkind as a coach as well. I also have a husband who is movement talented and very supportive. I've got a lot of help. All I have to do is show up!

Tonight's Workout...


Back Squat
195x1 ~pr
205x1 ~pr video below for your viewing pleasure...

10lbs x 3
15lbs x 2
20lbs x 1
20lbs x 1
BW x 3


Mark Reifkind said...

good work fawn. one thing to look for in your squat is that the bar should travel in a straight line on the descent and ascent( should stay over the ankle). you can see that the bar travels forward as you ascend,pretty hard on the lower back. imagine a plumb line hanging from the bar as you visualize this.
try to drive BACK( arch into) into the bar as you push through the ground. power squats are NOT leg moves but back/hips moves. make sure to do lots of back extensions, glute ham raises and heavier abs work.


ps nice belt!

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yes, tracy squatted 245 lbs with that belt back in the day.

Franz Snideman said...

Mark is right....but...either way that is impressive! Congratulations!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Impressive range of motion. You said about your short legs being advantage but video shows your legs are longer. Great work.

fawn said...


I know it wasn't the prettiest squat... but it was the heaviest. I am going to make note of the cues you gave me and apply them next week. I will get on some back extensions and I will try to do some ab work.

What do you think of doing squats and DL's the same day? My plan is to do 5X5 for DL... just to groove the technique. Squats; sets of 3's to groove my technique. I'm a little afraid to do more than 3 reps because my quads tend toward hypertrophy easily.

Any feed back is greatly appreciated! I will try to do well by The Belt!

fawn said...

Franz & Taikei,

Thank for the compliments! This will be a starting point for me... the form will only improve from here! My short legs don't feel so short when I squat! LOL!

Mark Reifkind said...


I dont beleive in doing rep deadlifts. usually with rep deads the first rep is the toughest and then things get easier as you use the negative rep to 'groove' the rep until fatigue sets in. I prefer singles with short rest periods( 30 sec to 1 min)to develop muscle tension. this teaches you to explode for each rep properly. but i am a died in the wool wsb guy :)) what else would I say?
I think you can do a light db workout after your squat day but each day should have it's own day so you can really focus on gettin the most our of each session.
I like training by percentages and adapting volume to intensity.
for instance in the squat:
wk 1 70 % 8 sets of 3
wk 2 75% 7sets of 3
wk 3 80% 6 sets of 2
wk 4 85% 4sets of 2
wk 5 90 % 1-2 sets of 2
wk 6 70%x2 75%x2 80%x2 85%x2 90%x2
101-105% x1
wk 7 restart 70%

base it off your current real maximum and recalculate after each peak either in the gym or the meet. Choose two- three assistance exercises to do after the main lift that address your muscular weak points and train them for sets and reps( 3-5x8-12)for hypertrophy.
For the deadlifts use singles and
70% 15x1
75 12x1
80 6-8x1
85 4-6x1
90 1-2x1

how low are you carrying the squat bar on your back?

fawn said...


I carry the bar medium low... I hook it on the spine of my scapula, hands in tight on the edge of the knurling elbows back to press the bar into place. I feel like it is in a good spot... I will have Aaron to take a picture to get some feed back.

I have 12 weeks to the meet... I will use your DL sets of 1. Shawn thought my form was inconsistent... I feel like I need to make the movement second nature. I will rep 5x5 for 4 more weeks... then start the sets of 1. I know you don't love the sets of 5 but there is a real pause between lifts, I am focusing on using my breath properly, exploding off the floor and getting my grip right.

I don't even know what my 1 rep max is on squat. I think I can do more than 205, and make it look better than the lift posted. What should I do?

I will training differently after Thanksgiving. Hopefully I will have a new lifting partner after the 17th.

Thanks again for all the help Mark!

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, the 5x5 certainly wont hurt you in the dl and the reps should indeed make the groove more recognizable. the pause between reps should help too.
I would use that 205 as a max as it was close enough to be considered that.I would use the percentages I gave you based off the 205.and keep up the two handed kb swings as well for posterior chain explosion and development.Heavy explosive sets of 10 -12 reps. also you can use mini bands attached to give even more resistance. I will put up a video on my blog if you dont know what I am talking about.

Tracy said...

The belt looks great! I can't wait for the next squat video to see your progress!

Royce said...

Fawn a great tip Rif gave me for the squat, push your traps into the bar. Push them straight up. Push forward with the hips and drive your traps into the bar. This tip is the best help I've ever recieved in the squat. Makes a huge diferance for me.

BTW damned nice numbers, you are an animal!

fawn said...

Royce, Thanks for the tip! I will take anything I can get... I am pretty new to heavy squatting. This is only my second time lifting with a belt! LOL! I can't believe I am going to do a meet!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn and congrats for signing up for your first meet! Whoo ha!

Sounds like you are have lots of top notch help too. You will do great!

Any Z Health /DL questions, let me know.
rock on
Mike N