Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yoga with William

I love Wednesdays... that is the day I have my yoga class with William. I hope everyone reading this has had a teacher, coach, mentor who has made a life changing impact on your travel through life on plant earth. Every time I am a student in William's class he says or does something that causes me to look at the world a little differently. He has certainly impacted the way I teach.

This is the biggest thing I have gotten out of William's classes is simply the inspiration to work harder. Yoga is fun! Learning new things is fun, finding a better way to do something is inspirational! I like living in my physical body when I am practicing yoga. Gaining a deeper understanding of how the body works in a certain asana is epiphanic. Everything I learn in yoga class is transferable to everything else I do. I could go on and on... I am so lucky to have a teacher that I connect with like William.

We worked backbends again today. After squats and DL's... backbends are a prefect release. Maybe not backbends the same day as squats and DL's, certainly not right after... but the next day is optimal.

I am still working on extending the medial side of my heal as much as the lateral side. Right now this is causing my toes to go off in their own direction. I will have to put more awareness toward the front part of my feet.

Lumbar and sacrum takes a little extra time to warm up to the intense extensions. ASIS should release inward and across toward the pubic bones and sacrum should release out... I might be gripping in my lumbar and sacral region. Shoulders and intercostals always complain at first before releasing.

Backbends everyday! Inversions every night.

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