Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bench Day

I skipped my yoga class with Lisa this morning. My energy is feeling low and my shoulders are bugging me today. I had made a date with Maura to learn how to bench today so I wanted to save up my energy for our training session. Yoga can be very restorative, but it can also be very rigorous, Lisa's Sunday class is a workout.

I am so lucky to have someone like Maura helping me with bench press. She is the bench press specialist after all... Maura's friend Luke showed up and gave me lots of very helpful advice too, which was wonderful.

My right shoulder was really bugging me, so I focused on arching back and positioning myself under the bar where I belong. I also have to learn to press directly up to the ceiling, and not up to where my face is.

My goal is to not bomb the bench press lift at the meet in February. Today was a technique day...

Bench Press


Mark Reifkind said...

good stuff. pushing the bar in a straight line as opposed to back over the bar will really save your delts. this is why triceps and lats are so important to the are also so lucky to have someone right there to demonstrate exactly what 'right' looks like.
dont forget the stick slides and shoulder extension stretches for your shoulder.
oh and I have found that the Z elbows help my shoulders almost more than any other movement./

fawn said...


I like Z elbows too... and they are helpful along with camshafts. However, they do not cure the pain. It is a problem I have had since I was a teenager.

To make matters worse, I have discovered I have long arms! WTF! Short legs and long arms... I'm a freak show! LOL!

Aaron Friday said...

Babes, do what you can with bench. Your deadlifts would be much harder with shorter arms.

Mike T Nelson said...

Short legs and long arms = very big DL (I am jealous).

I just finished my last final for the quarter, so my schedule has breathing room so give me ring and we can look at your shoulder.

Lately I've found that neck position can shut off your lats due to the nerve locations, but it is pretty easy to fix most times.

Also try an opposite Z hip circle in rehab with a perfect neutral spine (esp c-spine). Let me know how it goes!

Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks Mike! I will put hip circles in my regular Z line up. So here is the deal with my shoulders... the pain comes and goes. Sometimes the pains last for hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. It is sometimes right and sometimes left and sometimes both. It is always worse in the morning or during times of little movement. To me, it feels like pinched tendons out of place... horizontal pushing movements aggravate the pain. Elbow circles, camshafts and stick presses help... but so does most any movement. Pulling the humerus into the glenoid fossa and stabilizing the joint with the scap helps with the pain.

I am willing to try anything... I have yet to find anything that works...

Mike T Nelson said...

Drop me an email about your shoulder and we will work out a deal. After the first session I can give you a pretty good idea of how long it will take before you see a big change in your shoulder. I feel pretty confident we can get you pain free a vast majority of the time with some work (normally about 20 min a day).

Think of getting out of pain like pushing a car out of the ditch. Many times you need to generate some "momentum" (Z, soft tissue, correct lifting, etc) to get the car moving and over time back on the road. Every movement into pain puts the car further off the road and in the ditch. The good part is that any pain free motion gets the car further OUT of the ditch (some movements more so than others). In general, the longer you have been in pain, the longer it takes to get the car on the road.

A few other things to check would be your breathing. I know you do lots of yoga,so your breathing is going to be much much better than most, but remember that breathing is also SAID specific. So you may need some specific work standing or seated or in certain positions. Breathing can be retrained as you know.

Do you do lots of push up variations? I would check your serratus anterior on that one side also and t spine mobility. You may also need some specific work on scars also (which I learned at Z level 4)--again, hard to say without watching you move.

Mike N