Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheryl Anderson

When I first started to become curious about powerlifting I found Cheryl's web page, I was totally blown away with how strong she is. She is a national champion in the 105 class. When I set up my Kettlebell classes at The Press I thrilled to find out Cheryl trains there on occasion!

For the past few weeks Cheryl has been closing in on the end of a Deadlift cycle. Thee weeks ago she pulled 300lbs, last week was 315lbs. Usually I am too busy training my clients to watch Cheryl lift, but today the planets aligned and I had the opportunity to watch her go for 320lbs. Watching Cheryl prepare to lift is an education all of it's own. There is a ritual that involves headphones and a lot of focus. She transforms herself from a sweet and pretty little girl (sorry) into a pitbull. In no way would you want to even think about getting in her way. She marched up on to the platform, growled at the weight, then grabbed the bar so hard I thought she was going to break the barbell in half. This was a serious maximal effort. She hit a sticking point about 3/4 the way up. I yelled and screamed for her to lock it out. She did it. Holy crap! That vision will stick in my head for a long time. Way to go Cheryl!

I've had a chance to chit-chat with Cheryl a little here and there. For the most part we both have work to do when we are at the gym. Cheryl is always very nice and generous with advice. This is a blog about my training, practice and education. Sometimes, watching someone do something she is very good at is as good as having a physical workout.


Howie Brewer said...

Very cool.

Tracy said...

Wow! Supermodel for womens powerlifting!!!! Can I be like her????


Mark Reifkind said...


you are very lucky to have that kind of elite proficiency with a barbell right in your gym. your learning curve with be much faster with those kind of real deal demonstations of what actual max efforts with the powerlifts look like. Man,I miss that world!

fawn said...

Tracy... I want to be like Cheryl!

Mark, If you you are going to be visiting Saint Paul more often you will have to check out The Press! The people here are first class!