Friday, December 14, 2007

Deadlifts with Maura

I met up with Maura at The Press tonight for a deadlift training session. We both pulled singles for our working sets.

Deadlift Sumo
~I started lifting some at 210 and somewhere along the way I misloaded the bar with 215. Oops. I pulled the last 5 reps with my TRif belt on. Maura tried my TRif belt and really liked it.

Set 7, no belt

Set 10, belt

Deadlift Conventional


Maura is really fun to train with.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice pulls fawn! you have an explosive start, which is great. just make sure you are as tight as possible before you explode.solid position too.

fawn said...

I was really hoping that you would notice my lifts were explosive... that was my main focus.

I noticed in the video that I do have a small bit of lag time between when I start to move and when the wight leaves the floor. I will have to put "tight" on my mental check list for next time.

Position looks solid to you? Hands, feet and hips in the right spot?

Mark Reifkind said...

yes it looks very good. that time lag is why you have to take the slack out of the bar AND your body BEFORE you explode. Otherwise it's the connective tissue that absorbs the force and your ligaments in the spine won't like that after awhile.
also, if you have that lag when the load hits 95+% you can miss it easily as you lose total body tension.have cheryl show you how to do some mid thigh deads in the rack so you can get used to having 275-300 lbs in your hands. easy on the back but good for the cns.
nice job.

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! I know exactly what you are talking about. I will have a video on Friday with improvements.

Mike T Nelson said...

Excellent work Fawn!

Rif is dead on (of course!) on the slack. Play around with your hip position and try to start a tad higher to tack out the slack and see how it feels. Keep a neutral head position also through out the movement.

Excellent power and speed! Light weight!

Rock on
Mike N