Monday, December 17, 2007

Heavy Swings on Sunday

I am planning on participating in a full Powerlifting meet in February. As an experiment, I am trying to use Kettlebell training as my main assistance lifts. I am doing heavy swings to train the explosiveness desired in the deadlift. I worked in with the Friday Brothers after an afternoon of bench pressing with Maura Shuttleworth on Sunday.

24kg - 10,10
32kg - 10 pyramid to 15 and back to 10


Franz Snideman said...

Good luck with the training for the PL meet! That should rock!

For sure the KB will help your hip extensors and force production capabilities!

Nice job!

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! With ever record setting lift I plan on jumping into a split squat and shouting KETTLEBELLS!

Aaron Friday said...

Babes, you are stronger than hell. Like Taikei might say, "is this a man's workout?"

Mark Reifkind said...

I like it!
hey did you ever read this article I did on powerliftng and kb training?

Mike T Nelson said...

I think KBs are an amazing tool for assistance work for PLers, but those crazy RKCs can be really biased-hehehhe :)

The coolest thing about KBs that I don't see much info around is that it is pretty easy to add in more 3D movements to offset the same movement planes used in PLing.

Test your movement after PLing and KBs and see how it goes. I've found that at times I need more KB pressing work from a rt. forward lunge with rotation to the right (to combat myofacial winding).

Rif, I could not pull up the link??

Rock on
Mike N

Aaron Friday said...

Mike, you need to copy and paste the URL.