Monday, December 17, 2007

Squat Day

It was squat day at The Press Gym. I did some swings with my KB class tonight before my workout. Maura and I had the good platform, which was very nice. I left my note book at home, so I had to go by memory on what was next on my workout plan. Now that I am home looking at my book I realize I was supposed to do only 2 sets of 2, instead I did four sets. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
~I had the right shoes and my TRif belt, which was much better than last week. Every set felt easy, every set felt great! I felt like I could have gone for 4 reps at 190.

Set two of four, with Ryan Coffey spotting

Set three of four, with Chris spotting - yet another state record holder - squatting 465 at 148

Heavy Walkouts
~I think I am going to have to get wrist wraps... set 2 really bugged my wrists. Somehow I figured it out on set 3, but I pinched my hand skin.

Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12kg- 5 reps, 4 sets

It is so nice to have a training partner like Maura! She knows the ropes and she is fun to train with. I am bigger than she is and she is more experienced and stronger than I am... so that puts us at about the same weight range, which works out great! I have to say I am absolutely pleased with my training tonight.


Mark Reifkind said...


nice job! thanks for posting those.set three is perfect and you can really see the bar path stay in a nice straight line. on the 4th set you initiate by leaning more than sitting back and you get forwards a bit.Seemed a bit rushed but still very strong( you know how picky I am,it's the gymnastics coach in me...).
keep up the good work.

fawn said...


I totally appreciate your pickiness... I would like to think that I am picky as well. Thanks for confirming what I thought, these movements felt as good as they looked. Maybe it is because we got the good platform.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Any criteria you picked the right gym with racks and weights, and trainers of course?

I went to Gold's Gym franchise here in Japan, and didn't like a single bit. It was like "Muscle & Fitness" May 1993 issue.

fawn said...
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Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn! You have made some amazing progress! Whoo ha.

Thanks for posting the videos! My guess is that your head position may be turning off your hams a little, pitching you more forward. Again, just a guess from watching video.

Watch your head position in the video as you start out neutral and then it moves up and is bopping around a bit.

Again, I am being very picky, but once you clean up your head position you will see an improvement overall. I am still working on my head position at times, so hang in there.

The Press rocks! I am hoping to get a few sessions in there before classes start up again for some variety. It is hard to leave my nice gym garage though. Tell Andy there at the Press hello from me.

I would recomend more wrist mobility work before straps though.

Keep up the stellar work!
Rock on!!!
Mike N

fawn said...


Thanks for all the tips! Here is the deal with neutral spine... I have been struggling with the neutral neck thing. Gazing upward helps me to drop my hips when I squat, same with DL. As much as I want to keep a long straight spine, gazing upward feels much more natural, plus it keeps me from leading with my hips.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Thanks for the tip, Fawn.
That is a very valuable insight, and quite the answer I was looking for. Aaron gave me a great answer to my question at Jim Ryan's blog.
I'm impressed.

Mike T Nelson said...

I agree that for most people moving their head back alters their spinal position (esp in the low back) from neutral and can cause a weight shift to the heals. I believe it is a compensation to prevent you from falling forward!

The downside is that it decreases the neuro drive/connection to the hamstrings and adding a heavy load to a non neutral spine has futher ramifications to your posture. Remember the demo I did with the DL and "standard, good DL technique" and the results from 1 rep on poture vs a "neutral alignment" and a much better posture? Samething applies to ALL lifts. Adding weight tends to "burn in" that position. This is great since heavy lifting in good position can CORRECT issues very fast.

Again, each person has to judge in the end how much they want to alter their body mechanics to attain a number. Trust me, I still struggle with that! I have no problems with their decision as long as they fully understand the entire ramifications. I do feel that it is not worth the risk long term for most to alter their movement though.

Take away--pay close attention to your movement and posture after EACH set. I do believe that you can achieve high level athletic performance and optimal health at the same time though.

Rock on and keep up the excellent effort!!
Mike N

fawn said...

Mike, We will have to discuss this in person... I remember the demo you showed me, but I have goofed around with so many different positions I think I have lost the original position. My friend Maura and I are DLing at The Press at 5:30 on Friday, feel free to join us!