Monday, December 10, 2007

Squats With Maura

I had a very nice day of back squats. I had a new training partner today. It was Maura Shuttleworth, bench press specialist. She just returned from the National Bench Press Championship. Maura took first place pressing 171lbs. Weighing in at 105, that's pretty impressive! Of course she has pressed more; in the gym- 210lbs and in competition - 200lbs. Plus she has an awesome raw press at 165lbs. How did she get so strong? She was a gymnast! Gymnasts are the some of the strongest people I have known. Here is a picture of Maura at The Press.

Maura offered to train with me in preparation for our up coming meets... I am training for the State meet in February and she is competing in Nationals which is also in February. How lucky am I? I will be training for my meet with a National PL Champion!

Anywhooo this is what we did tonight...

Ryan Coffey is giving me a spot. He has a State Record for Deadlift at 165 for 595. He also worked with me at Gold's Gym.

Back Squat
95 X5
135 X5
155 x3
180 x2x4
~I focused on blasting out of the hole. Unfortunately I didn't have the shoes I like to lift in, I didn't have the TRif belt either. I thought Aaron was going to join us at the gym, so I left my regular gear in our gym bag.

Squats with a Pause
110lbs X 8 reps, 3 Sets
~I learned a new assistance lift today. This evil thing Maura called Squats with a Pause. They are like back squats, only you rest in the hole for a couple seconds, your partner cues you up. The last rep sucks!

After our workout I showed Maura my kettlebells. We did some swings at the end of our workout. We had fun!


Howie Brewer said...

Nice squatting, even without your regular gear. You sure have some accomplished training partners surrounding you (that includes you too Aaron)! You're gonna smoke the State meet.

Mark Reifkind said...

great job! it's very hard to not lift in the gear you are used to,well done. the first rep is perfect, the second rep gets forward a bit. Watch the cap of the bar and it's path and you will see what I mean. The path should be straight down right over the heel and you get this on the first rep. the second rep you lean too much at the start instead of sitting back and it puts you forward. well done though, really. and great news about Maura! can't beat that as a training partner( apologies to aaron:))
I bet she loves the kbs.thanks for the video.
oh yeah you will"love' pause squats , hehe.

fawn said...


The Press Gym is full of accomplished lifters! I am so lucky to be able to set up Kettlebell shop there!

fawn said...


I do feel my weight shifting forward, especially on the second rep. I think it is because I am focusing on keeping a long spine and not cranking my neck back. I need to find the happy medium... Gazing upward to keep my hips down and back.

Maura was good enough to let me use her belt. It is actually a nice little belt.

Maura did love kettlebells. I think we did 4 or 5 sets of about 12 swings. She picked it up right away! After our swings we had to sit on the floor... our legs were cooked!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn!
Personally, I would work on keeping your long spine and neutral head position first and adjust around that. I am not a fan of cranking my head back to shift my weight back for various reasons. Just groove it with some lower weight work and you will be there in no time--perfect practice.
Excellent work!!
Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...

Fawn, whatever you did for the first rep do again for the second.letting the bar drift forward is increasing the load on your lower back tremendously.
Remember, this is a BACK squat. you are not passively holding the bar and using your legs but actively pushing through the bar with the hips back and legs similtaneously.Louie always says to drive the traps up and into the bar as you come out of the hole.