Friday, January 11, 2008

Deadlift PR - 275lbs

We had another deadlifting party at The Press Gym tonight. I was too busy to take much notice. I had my my brain wrapped around my assignment from Mark Reifkind, my long distance coach. I was nervous all week about pulling 275. My plan was 225, 255, 275. I didn't feel chatty, I just wanted to go. So, here is how it all went down...

~Now here is where I got stupid and greedy. This was not in the plan.
280 - NL
280 - NL
~When I went to pull 275 my heart was pumping, I was anxious to give it a go, but I was scared, I didn't want to miss it either. Last week 265 was easy! When I pulled 275 and it broke the floor I knew I had it. All I needed is one person to egg me on to 280...

Deadlift - 275lbs

Low Rack Pulls
~I don't really like low rack pulls. I just don't get them. I must be doing something wrong.


Mark Reifkind said...

way to go Fawn! Now you have a real max to work with.missing the 280 at least shows you where you really are and what NOT being able to pull a weight feels like. A true max effort.
rack pulls are not for everyone especially low rack's never the same position you are in when pulling from the floor. I was thinking about high rack pulls to get over max weight in your hands but not after a heavy singles session anyway.
Its weird knowing you have a very specific number you HAVE to do that day isnt it? makes you very concentrated on the job and" lets get it done".not chatty at all.
thats great stuff!

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! I have to say I do feel a little defeated from missing 280... So, what should I do for next week? I only have a couple weeks left before the meet.

Mark Reifkind said...


don't be defeated by the 280, especially after a PR!Everyone will miss if you keep adding enough weight to the bar.Its better to know exactly what you max is,although it will still be different after squatting and benching first, so be prepared for that as well
Next week do 205 lbs x 12 singles with a 15-20 second rest/sets.focus on perfect setup and tension off the floor and explosive reps.The heavy work is done.the week after that is off from deadlifting.

fawn said...

Got it Mark. Like Cheryl says... every day is different and every lift is different. Best to just forget about the ones that went wrong.

I think I have Monday to squat and once next week. So, it is getting down to the wire!!! Tomorrow I am benching with Maura.

Should I keep up with heavy KB swings? How many days should I take off before the meet?

Mark Reifkind said...

you are pretty much done after mondays squat workout.The last light workout( maybe 135 on squat and deadlift for a few sets to GtG) and 65 lbs on the bench on wednesday and thats it the last week.
You could swing medium( intensity/volume) on monday.

Howie Brewer said...

Awesome job Fawn! No reason to feel defeated. You should feel amazing with those lifts!

fawn said...

Thanks Howie! I was really hoping for 300lb DL for the meet in February... I think that might be a little lofty at this point. I'm a greedy cow, what can I say?

Mike T Nelson said...

Never be upset about a PR! Nice work Fawn! After some down time and some super compensation, you never know what you might hit on meet day.

The DLs parties at the Press are so much fun!!
Rock on
Mike N