Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last Bench workout

I met up with my training partner Maura for our last bench workout before the Minnesota State Open Powerlifting competition on February 2. I am very lucky to have such an awesome partner to help me with my bench press. Bench press is by far my weakest lift. I have shoulder issues. I alway thought bench pressing was something I would never excel at... I have to say, thanks to Maura Shuttleworth and my long distance coach Mark Reifkind I am benching more than I ever thought possible. I pressed 100lbs today, with commands. It is not a huge amount of weight... especially compared to my training partner, who happens to be the national 105lber Bench Press Champion! But, I found a way to bench press with out pain, and I actually feel like I can improve on this movement without risking my shoulder health. This is a huge deal for me.

Maura's friend Vicki, who is a kettlebeller, was good enough to help us video our lifts today. Maura and I are working on convincing Vicki to join us on Fridays for Deadlifting. Come on Vicki! The world could use another strong woman!

Any whoo... here is my workout;

Bench Press
~95lbs singles were all with commands, 100lbers were 2 with commands, 1 touch and go - video below

Hanging Rows
2 Sets, 5 Reps
1 Set of 5 with chains... just for fun
~I dug around The Press Gym's PL room and found some very small chains... It's hard to row when you are laughing... especially with chains. Video below for some comic relief... enjoy!

Both BW and Weighted

We finished up with some weighted pull-ups and goofing around with kettlebells. We had a great time. I hope we keep our training schedule after the meet. This experience has been so much fun!


Franz Snideman said...

wow! Very impressive! You will be ready for your powerlifting meet........that's for sure!!!!

Howie Brewer said...

Good luck on Saturday, Fawn. Those of us who have been reading your postings regularly know how hard you've been training. It must be an amazing feeling being ready for your first meet. Congratulations on getting here.

fawn said...

Thanks Franz and Howie! Hopefully everything goes smoothly... I will keep you posted with the results on Saturday.

Mark Reifkind said...

Beautiful! well done. what a difference, you look like a pro! On the hanging rows,lower the bar so that your shoulder,hips and feet are all in the same plane, or the feet slightly higher.
well done. Keep seeing the lifts you want in as much detail as possible. From the start to the finish of the lift. Visualize as much detail as you can, down to your clothes and the actual weights on the bar.See everything perfectly and you feeling very happy you made your lifts!
rehearse each lifts three attempts,and even warmups.See yourself mentally 'fixing' the mistakes you usually make in practice.Very powerful stuff.
oh, and have fun!

Mike T Nelson said...

Awesome work Fawn!!! You are all set to rock the meet now.
Nice work Maura also!
I will be by on Sat for part of the meet to cheer everyone on!
Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! I am feeling pretty good about everything. Thanks for reminding me about visualization. I know that is a powerful tool.

Hanging rows will be on the regular rotation... I do reverse rows regularly (feet on the floor version) but the hanging rows are more fun!

Thanks for all your coaching. I will keep you posted with how it all plays out.

fawn said...

Mike, Thanks! I will be in the first fight... so I should be in and done by noon!

Mark Reifkind said...

good luck this weekend Fawn, let me know how things go asap!

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! I am just chilling out... feeling pretty good about everything. I have to watch my weight, so no treats tonight. I thought I might have to go sit in the sauna... but I am only 1lb. off, so I should be fine. Surrounding myself with the right people sure has put me at an advantage!

I will give you a call with the results.