Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Heavy Deadlift...

It was another fun night of Deadlifting at The Press Gym tonight. The usual suspect all showed up, plus Sean Schniederjan showed up for the first time tonight. This was pretty special because Aaron and I have been reading Sean's blog for a while and have never met him until tonight!

I really needed to nail 275lbs one more time before the meet. I didn't want to even think about goofing around with missing a lift so, no pr tonight. Here is how it all went down...

~I wasn't as nervous about pulling 275 this week. After the pull I had a bunch of energy to burn off so I pulled 245 for 3 just to blow off some steam. All the lifts felt great!

Deadlift 275lbs

Kettlebells Swings
32kg - 10
28kg - 10
24kg - 10
~ We all goofed around with the KB's a little. Really had nothing to do with deadlifting.


Mark Reifkind said...

way to go fawn,now you have your PR!
BUT,try NOT to watch Cheryls pull before you deadlift,lol.You still need more tension when you start the lift, that's why it came off the ground slowly.take the slack out of the bar before you pull.
ALso make SURE you don't drop the bar like that at the meet; 3 red lights.Have to lower it under control.
way to come back and get that number though!

Brett Jones said...

Great PR but I agree with Rif - you need tension at the start.
Squeeze the weight off of the floor and then accelerate it to the top.

fawn said...

Thanks Mark and Brett! I suppose now is not the time to try something new in the deadlift department. I just thought I spent too much time down preparing for the pull last week. However, last week's pull looked way better.

Breaking the floor is the most difficult part for me... I feel like I need some explosive momentum to get things going. Is there a way to explode with tension?

Next week is GTG, right? Two weeks until the meet!

Mark Reifkind said...


you can be explosive but you have to get tension first. if you watch cheryl closely you will see she is tight the instant she grabs the bar. that takes time to learn, and even she gets forward off balance a bit. the dive is a very risky technique because if you are off an inch it will feel like a mile.
breaking off the floor is most sumo lifters sticking point.
learning how to be explosive quickly ( starting strength and rate of force production)is an art and takes lots of training.
lots of things to play with next training cycle.
You should stay on your training cycle days and have light,low rep workouts.not gtg every day for sure?
when are your next training days?

fawn said...

Here is the plan...

Sunday 20th - tomorrow, Maura and I will be benching. We will be drilling commands. 13 days out

Monday 21st - Squats; I think this is the last day for heavy squats. I would like to nail 225. 12 days out

Friday 25th - Last day to DL. Light day. My last day to nail down my form. I won't watch that Cheryl Anderson video any more. 8 days out

Sunday 27th - Last day to Bench. 6 days out.

Monday 28th - 5 days out... I would like to squat one more time. Is this too close? Should I try for Wednesday or Thursday?

I have my socks, singlet and my entry form has been sent in. Is there anything else I should be thinking about?

Mark Reifkind said...

185x1paused x 3 sets


work up to bench opener x 3 sets long pauses and all comands
3 sets lats
3 sets triceps

165x1x3 sets, all commmands no pauses
two hand swings
5x8 with 20 kg

deadlift 135x1x3

bring a towel, food that digest easily and that you like. water or if that works for you

fawn said...

Cool. Thanks for all your input Mark. I'm feeling pretty good about everything. Training for this meet has been an excellent experience.