Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yoga Class

The holiday season is over... I am back on track with my classes with William. We started with a chi-gong warm up. Usually I hate it when William throws in chi-gong, however today it actually felt kind of nice.

I don't have anything against chi-gong... I am just not willing to add anything else to my training schedule. I already practice; yoga, kettlebells, Z-Health and powerlifting. If I were to add anything else to my training schedule it would be seated meditation. I just don't have the time or willingness to do that right now. I really have no interest in chi-gong right now.

This is how I work... when I find something I really like and want to participate in, I do it to death. That means I stew myself in the presents of experts, read lots of books, research the internet, read forums, etc.

Yoga class was wonderful like always despite the chi-gong. I hung upside down in the ropes instead of doing headstand. That felt great on my mid thoracic. I will continue to hang in the ropes instead of doing headstand until the meet in Feburary.

We did some backbends with partners... which was really nice. One person did a backbend, while one person looped a belt around the backbender's hips, and another person looped a belt around the shoulders, the assistants gave a little traction. The job of the backbender was to lift up away from the belts. Of course it is almost impossible to lift yourself off the belts, but it gives tactual contact in which to move away from.

This is what I learned... My friend Deb was giving me traction on my hips, she was full of directions; move your feet in, put your toes down, squeeze your knees in, etc. Her directions were micro... the corrections were subtle. I don't even remember how the exercise felt on my shoulders or hips! That is Deb, she can spot the micro, which is a gift. I was in the mood to "do" and save the refinement for another days!

Right now I am focusing on refining my powerlifts. Every little micro movement counts. When the meet is over... I will return to a more fluid practice. So, where do I find precision and fluidity? Do they fluctuate? How big is the window of perfection?


Aaron Friday said...

They fluctuate. Whatever you focus on will improve. Powerlifting for this 3 months, maybe Yoga for the next 3 months.

It makes absolutely no sense to do qigong once in awhile. Acupuncture, yes, once in awhile. Qigong, every day. Doing it once in awhile is like being a vegetarian on Sundays only. Won't make a bit of difference.

Mark Reifkind said...

" I do it to death" my sentiments exactly. Deep skill and mastery are my real can do everything, just not at the same big is the window of perfection? from my experience pretty freakin narrow and hard to hit.

fawn said...


I am surprised that William has so many "soft" practices... he really isn't a soft guy. Qigong, yoga and vipassana... yikes! I wonder if he would show up for my deadlift on February 2?

fawn said...


That is the difference between you and I... you do something until you master it, I do it until I can let it flow naturally or get sick of doing it. LOL! I wish I had the temperament to be a master.

Franz Snideman said...

Yeah sometimes it's better to focus on less than keep adding things into the mix. Great post and happy new year!