Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yoga Wednesday

Yoga class with William today. We worked on forward extensions with twists. Not something I have been doing with my daily practice, but I should. With all the powerlifting and kettlebells I have been training, my low back tends to tighten up, it takes a little extra time to release. Interesting how movement is changing for me. I am collecting all these physical experiences. It's interesting how the body works, all the changes, both intentional and unintentional.

William is a Buddhist... he practices yoga asana so he can meditate more. William would advise me not to be attached to my physical experiences because attachment is bondage. That is why I consider my experiences "collections"... William would tell me my collections are an illusion. I would tell him that I know. I think that is why visualization is so powerful.

I have to confess I am attached to the outcome of my upcoming PL meet. I would like to pull 300lbs... that is 10% more than my current pr of 275. It will be interesting to see what happens. I will try not to be attached to 300lbs.


Mark Reifkind said...

not to discourage you in any way, but it is VERY hard to pull 25 lbs over a deadlift pr done in a dl workout when one is doing their first three lift meet.Expect to be way more tired when you deadlift after 3 heavy squats and benches and assorted warmups. Plus waiting around a lot.
You should shoot for a small alltime pr on your second dl attempt and see what you have left for your 3rd.If you smoke 275 on the second and have lots left then perhaps put 300 on the bar and give it a go but one goal for this meet should be 9 for 9 and 27 white lights.

fawn said...

Mark, you are totally right. I have a very consecrative plan for the meet. I will have Aaron's brother Shawn helping me. I don't really think 300 is going to happen for me in February, but I am attached to that number!

The meet is 3 weeks away... should I do one more heavy DL workout? I would like to nail 275 one more time.

Mark Reifkind said...

good, I like that you are attached to the number.that will insure you get it, either at this meet or the next!
and yes do the 275 in the next dl workout but make slightly bigger jumps

then done.

fawn said...

Got it Mark. Nailing 275 one more time will boost my confidence, which I really need. preparing for this meet has been a big learning experience.

Maura and I are going to try the hanging rows with chains on Sunday! Sounds like fun!

Mark Reifkind said...

the hanging rows will be tougher than they look.keep the glutes really tight to keep the hips up.

Maura said...

You will definitely get 300 Fawn -either at this meet or sometime soon! I think in powerlifting, we are often attached to numbers. I cannot tell you how many times it took me to break the MN state record on the bench, or to hit 200 on my bench!

fawn said...

Thanks for the encouragement Maura! Training with you makes everything much easier.

There should be another large group of up pulling tomorrow night! Should be fun!

Mark, we will post videos of our hanging rows for your viewing pleasure. You might get a good laugh!

AikiBudo said...

The 2nd passage of the Tao te Ching says:

"The nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth; The named was the mother of the myriad creatures.

Hence, always rid yourself of desires in order to observe its secrets; But always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations."

That is why I am a Taoist and not a Buddhist.

Why does William meditate? Because he DESIRES more meditation experience. Desire implies wanting, or attachment. Hmmm, breaking his own rule already. Does he realize that?

Buddhists are often Taoists who don't realize they are missing half of the equation. It can take some of them several lifetimes to figure that one out.

IMO, want the hell out of your experiences, enjoy them immensely, then let them all go. Repeat until enlightenment or death, whichever comes first. And good luck in your PL meet!

fawn said...

Jim! Where have you been? How has training been going?

William says he meditates to keep himself out of trouble. Vipassana is his practice, which is too esoteric for me. I'm a doer, not an observer.

I just don't want to be too disappointed if I miss my goal. Wanting something and getting it is one thing... wanting something and missing it is another. It will be easy to hit the mark and move on... missing the mark can be more difficult to deal with... for me.

Mark Reifkind said...


the way not to miss is to really be prepared for that number, for that lift.It's very easy to think in round numbers; 250,275, 300 for the long term goal but you( one) has to go through all the small numbers,usually, to get there.
250, then 253,258,264, etc.Its kilos too, remember.
there can be a galaxy between 450 and 501 or any two numbers.For example, I squatted 534 at my second real meet as a light 181'er. I thought 601 was right around the corner. Uh, no.
9 years later I had squatted 573 as a light 198'er(!)and just missed my first ( and last it turned out)attempt at 601.
The key is to constantly, and continually, make small regular jumps in the pr.this is why it takes so long to really get strong.
Your next meets pr second attempt should be 5-10 pounds heavier than your last meet pr with a "go for a dream number" depending on . But one should not take a weight that requires a big jump into unknown territory,imo.especially not as a beginning powerlifter.
275 in the meet is a great number for you ,imo.
300 will fall, but this meet is probably not the place to attempt it,imo.

fawn said...


I totally agree with you. Your message is the same as it was from the start... there is a huge difference between 265 and 275 for me... right now. There was no way for me to understand this without (physically) seeing it for myself.

This whole meet has been a wonderful learning experience. I will let you know how it goes tonight.