Friday, February 8, 2008

Back to Training...

Aaron, Shawn, Sean and I showed up at The Press Gym for some deadlifts tonight. I was planning on going pretty light as that I pretty much maxed out a week ago. No Maura tonight... she is off in Boston on family business. No Mike Nelson either... he is back in school, studying hard. I know I need to wait at least a week before diving back into training... but I really felt ready to go tonight. Plus, Shawn Friday and Sean Schniederjan had planned this already. Plus, next week I will be in California visiting Tracy Reifkind next week. Well, here is how my training went down for Friday....

2 Hours Vinyasa Yoga at Neti-Neti with Lisa
~Yoga felt great! Especially after the meet.

Then latter at The Press Gym

135X5 - Conventional
185X3 - Sumo
~my plan was to go to 15... but it just wasn't in me

Bench Press


Aaron, Shawn, Sean and I all goofed around with KB's after our DL's. I wanted to see Schniederjan in action, it was just as I expected... he is a solid, strong, snatch machine. No joke.


Sean Schniederjan said...

Fawn, that was seriously fun lifting with you guys.

Good luck with your open class today!

fawn said...

Sean, It is always nice to add someone like yourself to our DL group!

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, 196 is 70% of 280.that's the highest you should have started with. probably be better to do 60 or 65% for singles with shorter rest periods and pull them strongly.have to pay close attention to real % numbers ,especially now that you have current and real maxes.

fawn said...

I was worried I would get scoldings from you for pulling 225... I have a couple excuses.

1. I did calculate my % based on the last cycle scheme you gave me... but I left the numbers at home. I know, sounds like the "dog ate my homework" excuse. I will write up my % based on the last cycle you gave me and keep it in my gym bag, as to not forget it again.

2. I felt energized! I probably won't pull on Friday... so, I wanted to pull on the heavy side... because I didn't have the exact numbers I made a quick guess... I know, that excuse is about as lame as the last one...

However, I did learn my lesson. Because 225 really did feel too heavy for so soon after the meet. Now I know better...

Mark Reifkind said...

LOL, the dog DID eat your homework.It's very important NOT to jump ahead in the cycles, as you can see ,as it can jump back on you.No biggie, but a good lesson. many ways to satisfy that urge to go heavy: shorten rest periods, pull harder/faster/stricter,etc.
when your numbers are close together little changes make for big differences.
your focuses should be on perfecting form( the start) and total body tightness.

Mark Reifkind said...

also, you should have someone show you how to do bent rows from the floor. it will be a key exercise for you I believe.use the same grip as your bench.5 sets of 5

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