Friday, February 29, 2008

Deadlift Party Tonight

It was another fun evening at The Press Gym deadlifting. I goofed around trying different shoes with my pulls. I've also been trying to use some visualization to try to straighten out my form. I know I tend to jerk the bar when I pull... I am trying to squeeze the bar up.

~Didn't use a belt tonight. Everything went up pretty easily. The Olympic shoes felt a little weird... the stability feels great on the squat, but odd on the deadlift. Nothing too exciting, but here is a pull for your viewing pleasure.

Deadlift - 225lbs

Deadlift with Olympic shoes - 225lbs

Conventional Deadlift off 2" Platform
~Felt like an ab exercise.

~I was hoping for 5 sets of 5... but I just didn't have it in me tonight.


Mark Reifkind said...


nice pull but you still have to focus more on linking through the lats to the bar before you apply force. your legs are doing toomuch work relative to the upper will work with light weights but not with the heavy ones.
if you can get a video with the heel for me( even light wt) I would like to see what happens to your mechanics.
also, try to incorportate bent rows off the floor after your dl. this will help with the linking through the lats.

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn and good times as always for Friday DL night!

Remind next time (maybe tomorrow if I can make it) and we can test your lats in your DL position to see how they are firing. Many times an opposite hip circle or Z chicken drill to free up C6 works quite well. A cue I've used is "arms back" and that can help.

Rif, excuse my ignorance but what is the rationale behind a healed shoe on the DL? I understand why on a squat, but just curious on the DL--thanks

rock on!
Mike N

fawn said...

Alright Mark, I've posted the deadlift with the Olympic shoe. I will get some bent rows in this week. So, I need to add more tension to my lats as I pull a deadlift. More posterior chain tension before I pull, is that right? Is there a video that I can look at, like Julia's squat to help with the visualization?

fawn said...


Thanks for coming down for DL's! I would love it if you could check my lats next time! It may just be an operator error...

Mark Reifkind said...

wow, that was fast! thanks. I see what you are feeling. you squat more from your quads with your hips but you dl from your hips and the flat shoe looks better. the first video is good from the hips, you really sit back well and drive,you just need to connect to the bar more and THEN the whole thing to your hips.
I think you need to adjust your descent to the bar to create more tension; you are trying to get tension AFTER you go down. very hard to do.
I will find a video for you.

Mark Reifkind said...

found it. it's julia again, suprise. nice 503 lb's on my blog.

Rich said...

You could be the exception to the rule, but over 98% of deadlifters will benefit from wearing a wrestling shoe or deadlift slipper because 1) it cuts down on the distance the bar travels and 2) you are in a better position to pull.

Whereas, in those weightlifting shoes, the bar has to travel one to two inches farther.

For the ankle support I wear wrestling shoes. Shawn also wears wrestling shoes.

However, those shoes are great for squatting! I recently bought the same model you have.

fawn said...

Thanks for the videos Mark. I will study them and find a way to make a better connection with the bar. Gathering tension on the decent... I will work on that.

fawn said...


I think I fit into the 98% of lifters who will do better with flat shoes. However, I LOVE the Olympic shoes for squats, yep love, love, love them.