Saturday, February 2, 2008

Minnesota State Open PL Meet

I have been spending the past 10 weeks training for a full powerlifting meet. Today was the day of the competition. There is so much I learned in the past weeks, it is hard to put into words. I will save that for another day. I will post my results with a little commentary.

Weigh in was at 7:30 am lifting started at 9am. My plan was to get there right away. I did have skip dinner the night before. I wanted to get in and get weighed right away so I could get a little something to eat before lifting.

The meet was at The Press Gym, it was pretty nice to have a home advantage. My lifting partner Maura Shuttleworth was lifting, she and I met up and warmed up together. Here is how it all went down...

Opened at 198lbs
Second attempt 220lbs
Third attempt 231lbs - PR - 105 kilos
~All lifts were good. 198 was cake... 231lbs went up easy. Other than my legs shaking from nerves, all lifts felt great! The head judge did tell me after the meet I carry the bar too low on my back... he never gave me a red for it, but told me I had better move it up if I plan on doing a future meet.

This is my third attempt at squat. PR at 231lbs

Bench Press
Opened at 77lbs
Second - 95lbs
Third - 95lbs - 45.5 kilos
~I missed my second for not being able to hold the bar steady... tried again and hit it on my last attempt. Shawn Friday handed off to me, reminding me to stay tight.

Nothing I am too proud of... but shows how crowded the meet was! Great turnout!

Opened with 257lbs
Second - 281lbs
Third - 281lbs - PR - 127.5 kilos
~I missed 281lbs the first time. Don't know what happened... maybe I gave up too soon. Lucky for me Mike Nelson was there, I got a Z adjustment on the fly. Out side toe pulls eyes up and lateral ankle tilts eye up. Good to go! I came back to hit 281lbs!

This was a tough break off the ground...

What an intense day! Overwhelming really...


Taikei Matsushita said...

Looking good Fawn!!
Some how made me excited watching your video clips.

Going for another few meets this year?

Howie Brewer said...

Awesome! Congratulations!! I was awaiting these results more than that of the Lesner-Mir fight. Awesome indeed!

fawn said...


This meet was so exciting! I have never been a competitor before... there was a huge crowd at the gym to watch the meet. Because it was at the gym I work out of lots of people I know showed up. It was really intense.

fawn said...


I took second place overall, my lifting partner took first. It was pretty close... The meet was so much fun!

Mark Reifkind said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats!It's always inpressive to see someone come back and make a weight they had just missed. well done and a great result from all that solid,progressive training you did.
Congrats again.

Aaron Friday said...

It was a great meet, and Fawn did very well.

The Lesnar-Mir fight is very exciting. See it here while you still can:

Maura said...

Great job Fawn at your first meet! It is always hard to come back from a missed lift. Your pull at 281 was very impressive!


fawn said...


Thanks for all the coaching... I couldn't have done this without you!

fawn said...


YOU DID GREAT! Thank you so much for being my lifting partner... I would have bombed bench without you! You made training fun and your experience at the meet gave me a calming effect. This is a start to something good...

Mike T Nelson said...

EXCELLENT work Fawn! You signed up and rocked the event. Kudos to you!
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks again Mike for the on the fly Z adjustment. You saved the day!

Steve Reishus said...

Great job Fawn. It was fun to see you lift!

Steve R

Rich said...

Great job! According to each video, you had 11 pounds more on each of your lifts! Don't worry about the bar placement on your squat. Don't change it. If you were too low, Shawn Cain would have given you a red. i've judged dozens of contests and have only red lighted ONE lifter ever for having the bar too low. You are not even close.

Your squat technique is perfect except I'd start practicing taking a smaller step on walkout, i.e., just clear the rack. When you are doing 300 + pounds, you need to save your energy for the decent.

Are you doing women's nationals or raw nationals in July? You already are a national caliber lifter. Raw nationals is in St. Louis this year and the way the USAPL is promoting it, it should be a big contest.

fawn said...

Thanks Rich!

It was Shawn Cain actually, who told Shawn Friday the bar was too low... I spoke with Shawn Cain after the meet, he said the bar was too low, but because it was my first meet, he didn't red light me. Shawn Friday told me not to worry about it. Maura said smaller lifters get called on stuff like that, same with the bar moving too much on the bottom of my bench press.

Maura Shuttleworth is trying to talk me into Raw Nationals in July... funny you should mention it.

I was really hoping to pull 300lbs. I am satisfied with 281 for now, especially after I missed it on my second attempt... I would have been stuck with 255.

Thanks again for all the encouragement Rich! The meet was a lot of fun!

Rich said...

Maura is right. The women and lighter men lifters tend to be judged differently than the larger men. Either the judges are not attentive early in the contest or conversely the judges tend to be more lax, i.e., depth for the larger lifters.

Powerlifting is very addictive. You should seriously consider doing St. Louis. Obviously, you can't control what other lifters do, but I'd suspect that you would be in the running for 1st or 2nd. Based on your videos, 264 114 303 or more seems very realistic.

Additionally, the experience you get from lifting at nationals is invaluable. You learn subtle techniques and other "tricks" from watching others lifting on the platform and in the warm up room. Plus, it one of the few meets, at least for woman, were you compete against others in your class, instead of the formula.

fawn said...

You are totally right Rich, powerlifting is addictive. I started to map out my training schedule for the next two months yesterday! I can't wait to see what kind of improvements I can make.

I know I can get a lot out of my squat... 231 felt pretty easy. I would love to hit 264.

Bench; at least 114 by July! That was the one lift that I had no experience training. My focus was to not bomb the lift. I was lucky enough to meet up with Maura who is the national bench press champion in the 105 class. Honestly, she is a godsend.

I got such a huge advantage over other new lifters training with Maura and having Shawn to help me too.

Brett Jones said...

Great lifting Fawn - congrats on yoru first meet and coming back to get those weights.

fawn said...

Thanks Brett! The meet was a lot of fun!

Sean Schniederjan said...

fawn-that was exciting to watch. the atmosphere must have been INTENSE heading into the third deadlift.

very impressive that you did so well on your first one...

fawn said...

Thanks Sean! It was very intense at The Press... there was just no way I was going to settle for 255 deadlift after all that training... no way. There lots of people shouting and cheering. Pretty cool stuff.

AikiBudo said...

Congrats, Fawn! Great performance, especially for your first meet.

Just keep having fun with it. You are a natural!

fawn said...

Thanks Jim, the meet was a blast. I will for sure do another one... I can't wait to see what I do next!