Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Lucky!

This is what my lifting partner Maura Shuttleworth said when she saw my new shoes for squatting! During my visit to the Rifstonian Institute last weekend, Mark gave me a pair of lifting shoes to use for squatting. How lucky am I? Mark Reifkind just so happened to have a pair of shoes that fit me, just hanging around 'Stone's Gym!

Monday is squat day... so here is my first workout training with my new shoes. What a difference good lifting shoes make! I felt like my feet were nailed to the platform. Pretty cool.... Anyway, here is how it all went down...

Back Squats


165X3 for 8 sets
~I knew shoes would make a difference... but... wow, holy stabilization Batman! Rif also gave me some homework for my training, so here is a video at 70% of my 1RM

Front Squats
115X5 for 4 sets

~I was really grooving the new shoes!

Weighted Pull-ups
3 sets of 2 with 10lbs
2 sets of 2 with 15lbs

~Some of these pull-ups were more like tooth-ups. LOL!

Then Maura joined my kettlebell class for swings, snatches, front squats, single leg deadlifts and abs. Fun stuff!


Howie Brewer said...

Nice dogs!

And nice form on them squats!! Very little lateral movement watching the end of the barbell. You are a squatting machine!

fawn said...

Thanks Howie! Those shoes are so cool!

You will love the RKC... I am so excited for you!

Mark Reifkind said...

wow, I knew it! What a freaking difference that makes; it totally puts you into your hips.
"like my feet were nailed to the floor" I know EXACTLY what you mean.
WHen you have a long femur( like we do) its hard to sit back enough to get into your hips without losing balance.the heel helps that.it really lets you load the hip and still stay over your base.
those looked SO good.cool.
good bar speed, which always happens when you are in the right position. you dont have to fight balance and can just apply force.
thanks for the video.

fawn said...

Good news Mark! I am happy to hear what you see jives with my perception. Now I just have to figure out that DL form! LOL!

Tracy said...


Wasn't it ME that remembered we had those shoes just sitting around and suggested the shoes fitting you??????

Come on now, don't leave me out!

Maura said...

You are a squatting machine, Fawn! And now I know how you got so freaky strong - it is those kettlebells!!! Your class was awesome!


fawn said...

Tracy... you are right! I am sorry, I forgot you did suggest Mark give me those shoes! You gave me so much over the weekend it's hard for me to keep it all straight. Did you recognize your yellow t-shirt???

fawn said...

You are going to be awesome at kettlebells! I can't wait to see your PL numbers skyrocket!

Mike T Nelson said...

Your squats look really nice Fawn! Great work!
Rock on
Mike N