Saturday, March 8, 2008

Deadlift Night

Another deadlift party at The Press Gym on Friday night. Fun Stuff! So, I have some homework from Rif regarding my deadlift. I need to connect with the bar more... more tension going into position before I pull and more tension in my lats... concentrating on squeezing the weight up. So, here is how it all went down...

245lbs.; singles, set 3

245lbs.; singles, set 4
~a little better lat action...

~I know... that was a lot of warm ups. Aaron and I arrived early, and I was anxious to get started, so I pulled a little more that I planned. I pulled conventional up to 205, then switched to sumo. My focus was connecting with the bar and engaging my lats more. The new movement felt great until I got up to 245... then suddenly the pull felt weird and I had to gun it again. I will have to wait until after the tsc to work on fixing that.

Conventional Deadlifts off a Block
~My homework given to me by Rif was to do rows off the floor. I treated these conventional kind of like rows off the floor

3 reps by a lot of sets... maybe 8?

I was planning on practicing snatches with Aaron and Sean. However, I ate a half of a pizza before coming to the gym. Not a great idea, but I was really hungry for some carbs. I did some extra swings and snatches to work off the damage I did with the pizza today with my class. LOL!


Mark Reifkind said...


the pull looks strong but there is still no upper body tension on the bar til you start the entire's basically a 'dive' start deadlift without the dive. not to say that it can't work well but it won't leave you much margin for error when the weight gets close to maximal.
you want to try to take slack out of the bar BEFORE you try to pull the bar off the floor. practice it with the warmups.
btw I would warmup with sumo and do the conventionals as your down sets. use the warmups as more form practice.

fawn said...

Oh, come on Mark... don't say "no upper body tension"! There is SOME upper body tension, just not enough. I can see it in my brain, give me another cycle... I will get it.

Franz Snideman said...

Pizza....what's wrong with pizza?

Nice job!

Maura said...

I think it is hard to learn new technique when going heavy. You will get it next cycle!

I had my half pizza day on Thursday! Yikes! It is definitely time to start my weight cutting now.


Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, you get so upset!Let me put it this way,you have no upper body tension PRIOR to the total body start of the deadlift. What i want you to do is take the slack out of the bar and you BODY BEFORE you intiate the pull.
try this,set up an empty bar power in the rack and the same height as the start of the deadlift. Then do ISOMETRIC deadlifts for 2-4 sets of3-4 seconds, pulling on that unmoving bar holding the exact starting position. that should help.
do this as a separate practice NOT before the actual deadlift.

Mark Reifkind said...

note that on the second video your shoulders are actually moving back and forth and slightly up and down prior to locking in and pulling immediately. thats what I mean by no tension.

fawn said...

I will work that isometric deadlift tonight. That sounds like a great idea! I'm not upset... I am just frustrated because I can see what I am supposed to be doing in my brain... but translating it to actually happening is taking forever! That's something I'm not used to!

The shoulder movement is my attempt to gather tension...

I know I can get this! I just want it right now! Greedy aren't I?

Mark Reifkind said...

instead of shiftting the shoulder back and forth, try taking slack out of the bar more and more before you start, you'll feel it more after the iso deadlifts.