Friday, March 14, 2008

Deadlift Party Tonight!

I had a client who wanted to try the 1000 swings in an hour, like Tracy. Wow... that is ambitious. So, this afternoon Rich and I did Tracy Style "I go you go" swings. We did two combos of 10 and 1 combo of 30 for twelve cycles. That totaled 600 swings. Great job Rich!

Friday night deadlifts at The Press Gym. Good Stuff! Sean Schneiderjan, Maura and the Friday brothers were all present. This is all getting to be a regular thing! Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlifts

~I changed my form a little tiny bit... I let go of trying to maintain the Z Health long spine and allowed myself to look up. I also let go of the idea of gunning the movement. I focused on squeezing the weight up and gathering tension BEFORE I grabbed the bar.

Reverse Hypers

~I am going to have to reign in my winter weight... 127 is not easy to pull up LOL!


Aaron Friday said...

Those shorts are awesome! And the socks and shoes really round out the ensemble. It's breathtaking, really.

Fawn, way to stick with the gym program after a 600-swing session. I would guess that non-trainers have no idea how much pure volume trainers actually put in every week. You are a pro!

Mark Reifkind said...

the video is not showing,says it's no longer available. anxious to see your new dl form

Tracy said...


We should have some sort of "swing off" class when I get there!

As long as it's not a pull-up's...I'm cool!

fawn said...

A swing off sounds good! I only used a 12kg... so 600 swings wasn't rally a big deal. I had to save some energy for DL's... but I suppose I had better get in better swing condition for your next visit!

ps. the video is working now...

Mark Reifkind said...

YES! Yes. keeping your head up allows you to link to the bar through your shoulders/lats/arms.
I think you might find sitting a bit more on the heel will work better with this position that the previous one.
good stuff and SMART move.You have to find YOUR position of leverage and train that no matter how 'unique' it might be or how it might contradict 'science'. jmo.
nice work


fawn said...

Attachment is bondage... I am free now that I have given up my attachment to the long spine. My head is going to go back no matter what... so why not just give in to a natural, yet goofy head position? Plus, Julia throws her head back. LOL!

Now I just have to pull the bar straight up. 300lbs???

Brett Jones said...

I think it looks much improved and as you get better at "pre-tensing" and squeezing the weight off the floor and then accelerating it you will hit 300 - also if I am reading everything correctly you did this DL workout after 600 swings?

Mark Reifkind said...


you have to pull straight up til it gets past your knees then you can sit back.remember you only nee to squat down as low as necessary to grab the bar, and no more.try to get some video from a few angles.

fawn said...

I did 600 swings with my Friday class, but I only used a 12kg... my classes like it if I workout with them, so I am pretty used to doing a light workout most days.

This pull felt much better. I think a head back is more natural for me... I don't feel like it compromises my hamstring strength at all.

fawn said...

I have noticed most good lifters start to pull with there hips higher (Julia, Cheryl). I am trying to find a better (higher)start position. Also... does it look like the bar swings out a little on the way up? One more thing... what is the remedy for the bar twisting to one side as I pull. I have noticed that happening now. I will get a couple different angles next week.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes to the higher hip position and yes the bar swings because you sat back a bit too early. if you pull straight up til the bar gets to your knee then sit back as you drive your hips it won't swing out.
make sure to set your over grip hand one finger width wider and you wont helicopter as easily.also the undergrip arm tends to swing out as it's harder to use the lat to keep the bar in close with the reverse grip.I would practice using a double overgrip until you cant hold on. better for your back as well.

Mike T Nelson said...

Much better hip position and upper arm position Fawn! Watch this video compared to the last one at 245 and you will see a huge difference. In the older one your hips were a bit low and "jumped" up to the right position before the bar moved. This time they did not move much--nice work!

Can't say I agree with the head position, but I know I am in the minority on that.

Sorry I had to miss DL night :(

Rock on
Mike N