Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Light Bench Day and Other Stuff...

I finally got back to William's yoga class today. I missed classes all month in March due to bad weather and William's Yoga vacation. It was nice to get some direction and move away from my vanilla standing asana practice. I love yoga class!

I got some kettlebell work in before Maura showed up for our bench press workout.
Doubles with the 16kgs - 4 times through...
Double Swing 10
Double Squat 5
Double Clean 10
Double Push Press 5

It was Maura's light bench day, so I worked light as well.
Bench Press
~I goofed around with some close grips and wide grips. Bench press is not a natural movement... I was surprised at how easy it was for me to press with different grips! Both felt great!

Face Pulls

French Presses

Double KB OH Presses
~I have been grooving the doubles lately. I have had my classes doing doubles all week... Gabi from Hungary has also been feeling the same doubles groove. It must be going around...


Gabi said...

It's only something like two months now that I've started practicing them, and it's like a new world of experiences - doubles challenge the body in quite a different (and unexpected!) way... Right today I had to realize I probably should move into a yoga-classroom for at least a year to ever have a chance of doing a decent double overhead squat (and the Sots press will remain a double four letter word for me for a very, very long time!) :)

fawn said...

I don't normally do a lot of doubles work... but this past week I have just been in the mood I guess. I was surprised to look on your blog and see almost the same workout I gave my class on Tuesday!

The overhead stuff really is mobility... you will learn so much at the cert, and you will be doing things you never thought you could do.

Keep up your practice. I had a huge advantage training under Andrea DuCane before I took my cert last April. If you are conditioned for it, the cert will be loads of fun. If you arrive unprepared... it will be a fate worse than death.

Mark Reifkind said...


you might be suprised that your strongest grip is not you current comp grip ;)
closer grips are great for building triceps and delt power..just make sure the elbows don't flare out early or your rotators won't like you.

fawn said...

I was surprised with the different grips! Both felt good. I do make a point of keeping my elbows in, even with the wide grip I pull my elbows in for the sake of my rotators.

What kind of grip did you use? How will I know what grip is right for me?