Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sots Presses and other interesting stuff...

I was looking through the Dragon Door forums the other day and noticed that Josef is Sots pressing 1/2 his body weight. Pretty impressive! He called for others to post their Sots presses. I posted my Sots press pistol style with a 12kg from six months ago.

Pressing has never been a strong point for me... in fact I only learned how to bench press a few months ago. Lucky for me, my training partner is Maura Shuttleworth... National Bench Press champion in the 105lb class. Mark Reifkind, who is also a champion bench presser has been giving me some long distance coaching.

Since I have also taken up powerlifting, squat seams to be my best lift in so far as form. Deadlift has the most potential.... my form needs a lot of work, but I am still managing to pull some decent numbers. Bench press is so new to me that I can only get better! So, what does this have to do with Sots?

I have noticed something interesting... I haven't been training OH kettlebell presses much lately... however, suddenly I can press the 20kg on both the left and right for 2 reps. Last I checked I could only press it once on the right side. Another thing... I can Sots press double 16kg's... a couple months ago the best I could do was double 12kg's. I haven't been training Sots presses.

Any way... just an interesting discovery. Maybe it is carry over from powerlifting, maybe I am finally learning total body tension, or maybe it is the 6 extra pounds I weigh. LOL! Probably a little of everything. Here is my double Sots for your viewing pleasure.

Sots Press, Double 16kg Kettlebells
I'm wearing my Tracy Rif Shirt for Strength!

Snatches on the minute
~Not a whole lot of fun... but I thought I better train a little bit of stamina. All this powerlifting has me not wanting to do more than 8 reps LOL!


Mark Reifkind said...

Niiice! hey, holding heavy weights on your shoulders on the regular basis makes everything strong! Benching as heavy as you can helps as well,lol.well done.

Maura said...

Great job Fawn! Maybe there is not only carry over from KBs to powerlifting but vice versa as well! Good all around!


fawn said...

Bench press has taught me a lot because it is not a natural movement for me. Powerlifting and kettlebell training... an excellent combination.

Maura, you are right... powerlifting has improved my kettlebell technique!

Mark, maybe I am finally starting to get that tension thing...

Gabi said...

Congrats, Fawn,
that was impressive. I would be glad if I could press double 16s standing... :)
As for your pistol style Sots press video, well, it is not going out of my mind ever since I saw it... my balance is so horrible it seems to put it into the range of the impossible for me, but such goals are the ones worth striving for, aren't they?
Thank you for the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it's the tracy rif shirt for strength--carry-over, shmarry-over. :)

fawn said...

I have been looking at your blog. Good stuff! You will LOVE the RKC... you will come away from that cert doing more and feeling stronger than every before. I learned so much and my skills improved so much.

Thanks for the comment!

fawn said...


Tracy loves that peace sign! It is on a lot of her clothing... it is even in a tattoo! LOL! I love the shirt because it was a gift from her on her first visit here. Tracy is one of my favorite people... her shirt makes me feel strong!

Tracy said...

Geez woman....Isn't this stuff great? It makes me want to train harder!

I was just rethinking my squat workouts, whether or not to increase or decrease the time I spend on them, which is not much....I think I'll add in some more!

Too bad Mark got rid of the bench press rack...I'm even inspired to bench!

fawn said...

YOU make ME want to train harder... part from envy and part from fear! Your stamina is killer!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Man you do it pretty easy. I don't have that flexibility yet.

fawn said...

The first attempt was pretty challenging, the second was easier... by the time I got to the 5th the press went up pretty easy. Interesting how that works...

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff Fawn! Sounds like you found some transfer from PLing to KBs.
Rock on!
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks Mike! Will you be up for deadlifts tonight?