Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back to Training!

Aaron and I had a wonderful vacation in Phoenix visiting Aaron's mom and dad. They are very nice people who spoiled us the entire time we were there. We spent a lot of time by the pool, drinking and eating. Generally relaxing and enjoying sunshine and warmth.
Aaron and his pop on South MountainAaron's Mom

Saguaro Cactus... The pool

I have to confess... I was so happy to be back at The Press training! It is good to rest and relax because it makes training that much better! I met up with Maura tonight. We had to double down on bench press and squats. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press
95X3X5 sets
~All had a pause

Close Grip Bench
75X3X2 sets

Competition Grip with a pause and press command

Back Squats
~I am up to 80%, which is 188lbs... I felt strong at 185, so I moved up to 190. The squats felt great! Here is a video of set 4 of 5...

~190lbs. Squat - fun, fun, fun!

OH KB Presses
~A funky ladder of 8's, 12's and 16's

I was a little low on energy... so, not assistance lifts. Deadlifts on Friday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deadlifts a Day Early

I had to get my deadlifts in a day early because Aaron and I will be having a long over-due vacation. We are going to be heading down to Phoenix tomorrow to visit Aaron's parents for a long weekend. We are really looking forward to it! Maura was good enough to make it to my class, then we tore it up on the deadlift platform. Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlifts off a block
~I get the box squats now, I really felt my hip flexors working! I totally blasted the deads tonight... they felt great. We set the Gym Boss and pulled on the minute.

Conventional DL off a block
~This should be an improvement from last week.

~155lbs. to the knee, thinking hard about my lats...

Glut-Ham Machine
~I finally feel like I "get" the HGM

I almost don't suck...

at the bench press. I hit another PR; 115lbs! I did 3 touch and go's, got greedy and tried for 120lbs and missed it. Oh well... it was no big thing, but it was a small step toward something respectable. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press
100X2 - Paused

~This is the third of three...

Face Pulls

Skull Crushers

OH KB Presses
20kg 2/2
16kg 5/5
12kg 5/5

Monday, April 21, 2008

Squats, my favorite!

I did some double kettlebell work with my class tonight. I even did some bear crawls... it was fun! Then I met up with Maura for squats. I just started a new cycle, so the weight is pretty light at this point, which makes workouts fun.

Back Squats
~After the second set, the weight just flew up, I felt really strong. Well, 175lbs is pretty light for me now. Plus, I really sunk depth! Felt Great!

Box Squats
~felt much better this week! I think I might be getting it...

KB Swings
16, 24, 20, 28kgs 10 swings, 3 sets
~This was Maura's idea. It was like cardio!

5 Reps of 3 Sets

Bench Press and Yoga....

I skipped a day of messages...I went to Lisa's Yoga class Sunday morning. I love going to Lisa's class. Lots of standing asana, some backbends and inversions, in a flowing Ashtanga style. Fun!

Maura and Vicki came over after our bench press workout for a BBQ and other treats. Spring seams to have finally arrived here in Minnesota and we felt compelled to sit out side and enjoy the weather.

Any whoo, here is how what happened on the bench press; nothing terribly exciting for my training. Maura, on the other hand, put on her bench shirt for the first time since November. I have NO experience with bench shirts, lucky for Maura, Vern was there to help us out. Just watching the process of putting on a bench shirt was enough to give me a claustrophobic reaction. Maura rocked it out with a 200lbs. press! WOW! Well, she is the National Champion in the 105 class, on her way to World's in July.

This is what I did, try not to be under whelmed...

Bench Press

Some Triceps and Something else...

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Cycle of Deadlifts

Tonight is the start of a new cycle of Deadlifting. Rif has me pulling off 35lbs. plates to increase my strength breaking the floor. I also have specific instructions regarding assistance lifts. Here is how it all went down tonight...

Deadlifts off 35lbs Plates

Coventional DL's to the knee

~Feed back please...

Rack Pulls

Ham-Glute Machine
~I believe 4 is a pr for me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bench Press and TGU's...

I had a great day today! It started with a yoga class with William. He surprised us with a Mysore practice... I got some great feedback which was very helpful.

I was thrilled to have my husband join my class tonight! He did great and looked great in his Zubaz! I got a few swings and snatched in with my class.

After class I just had to try a TGU with the 28kg... I have been wanting to try it for a while, and seeing Nikki Shlosser nail the 32kg, well I just had to give it a shot. I have to say the most difficult part of the whole movement is the size of the kettlebell. It was almost unwieldy... any way here is a something for your viewing pleasure....

~28kgs TGU...

Here is how my bench workout went down with Maura Shuttleworth; bench press champion...

Bench Press
85lbsX 3 reps X 8 sets


Chest Supported Rows

Triceps Press Downs

This was a difficult one to stay on task tonight... Maura loves to bench, so she kept me reigned in. LOL!

Snatch Update
12/12 X3 = 144 Points

Monday, April 14, 2008

What I have been up to....

I am behind on posting my workouts. So here it is... all business.

I did some snatches with my class tonight. We snatched on the minute...

6/6 X4 sets = 96 points
6/6 X 8 sets = 288 points
Grand Total = 3370

Monday night is squat night for me and Maura. I am starting a new cycle. Because I didn't get to really test my 1RM on the squat I am stuck with 235lbs. Don't get me wrong... I am happy with 235, but I fee like I have more in me, just not on Friday.

Back Squat
~I started my new cycle at 165lbs, which is 70% of 235lbs. This time 165 felt much easier than last cycle. I am fine with starting out here.

Box Squats
~ I asked a few guys around the gym about box squats. I looked at some You Tube videos. I posted a video for your amusement, and for Rif's feedback...

KB Front Squats

Ham-Glute Machine
~Last of all Maura and I goofed around with the Ham-Glut Machine.... I have tried to like this machine before, but it is scary... Not because you are lowering yourself face first toward the ground, but because it is a lot of tension on your hammies. YIKES!

Yesterday was Bench Press day. It was also Yoga day as well as cooking and cleaning day.

I hit Lisa's yoga class at 10am for some Ashtanga Yoga Asana. I love Lisa's classes. She moves me faster than I move myself. Plus, she has me doing asana that I don't always practice on my own. I love going to class! God help me if I ever win the lottery... I would go to class all the time.

After grocery shopping and a quick snack I met up with Maura at The Press for bench press. Maura's favorite day!

Bench Press
~I panicked on 115, it didn't go very far. However 110lbs moved pretty easily. weird. In the world of Z I would say I have serious startle reflex... I just assume the movement will hurt and I panic every time.


Skull Crushers
18/18lbs DB's
8 reps X 3 sets

After that I went home and did some cooking for the week and a little cleaning. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Squats and Deadlifts

I haven't had a heavy squat day for almost a month! Some back off time, bad weather, R-Phase classes for Z Health and the TSC worked against me and my squat day. I was actually planning on taking off this whole week before training for Raw Nationals in July. The weather was awful, I wasn't feeling totally healthy, plus I had a long day... but, I just could not let one more week pass before I tested my one rep max.

I also picked up some 35lbs. plates for our new DL program. Maura and I were anxious to test our 1 RM off the little plates. So, we pulled after we did our squats.

There was yet more bad weather to deal with this Friday night... Maura braved the sleet and snow to meet up with me at The Press for a Friday night workout. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
135 X 5
155 X3
185 X 1
210 X 1
225 X 1
235 X 1
185 X 3
~There was a little sticky spot on the 235lbs, I managed to drive through it. This is also a little high for me... I was nervous.

Here is a shot of my new PR 235lbs.

Next, Maura and I tested our 1RM pulling off little plates. Nothing too exciting... I wound up pulling 245... but I feel like I am good for 255lbs. Rif, I know you hate guessing a 1RM, but I am going to call it 255. I was out of gas, and it was late. I just couldn't do one more lift after the 245lbs. Here is a video for your viewing pleasure. Maura thought all the little plates were pretty funny so, she got a shot of the stack. LOL!

What a long way up....

Snatch Update

12/12,10/10,8/8,6/6,4/4 = 80 points

8/8 = 16 points
12/12, 13/13, 12/12, 12/12, 13/13 = 248 points

Grand Total = 2986

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easing back into Training and a New Plan

It's my first day back into the gym since the TSC. Light bench press is our normal Wednesday workout. Maura and I took it pretty easy being that this is suppose to be a recovery week. Here is how it went down...

Bench Press
~I had to find my groove again... I goofed around with some narrow and wide grip presses with 75lbs.

We called it quits after the bench pressing. Maura is looking forward to a heavy day on Sunday and I am looking forward to testing a 1 RM squat on Friday. Hopefully I will have made some headway and it has not been too much time since I last trained squats.

Here is some news... Maura and I are planning on competing at Raw Nationals in Saint Louis this July. That will be pretty big deal for me! I want to check out a National meet and see what it is like. I also like the idea of competing. I have never been a competitor before. I never participated in high school sports. I have never been on a sports team. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes down.

Being that my deadlift is the lift that needs the most improvement I decided to consult with Mark Reifkind for my next cycle. I am going to do two cycles pulling sumo off a block... actually I am going to get some 35lbs. plates. Here is my plan, (Rif, correct me if I am wrong)...

First I am going to test my 1rm pulling off a block. This is to get a starting point. I am going to use the same cycle formula I have been using, starting out at 70% pulling 15 singles.

The assistance lifting that is going to accompany this cycle is conventional pulling off a block to my knees only. I will step the weight down about 40lbs, and do 3 reps for about 4 sets. I will be pulling something challenging, but very doable. I will increase this weight the same % every week as the Sumo's off a Block.

Next assistance lift will be rack pulls. Dr. Cobb actually suggested this movement as well. This is to condition my nervous system. I bring too much emotion to my lifting. If shows on my face as well as in my lifts. Hopefully holding heavy weights will help me to calm down a little.

So, that is the plan. I will be posting videos of my progress, so stay tuned.

Snatch Points Update

12kg - 12/12, 15/15 = 54
16kg - 10/10 = 40

24kg - 5/5,5/5,5/5 = 150
20kg - 5/5 = 30
12kg - 5/5,5/5,5/5,5/5 = 40

12kg - 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 = 60
16kg - 10/10, 5/5, 5/5 = 80
20kg - 5/5, 5/5 = 60

Grand Total - 2642

Sunday, April 6, 2008

TSC and Snatch Update

Team Friday

Yesterday was my second attendance to the TSC. I brought my lifting partner Maura Shuttleworth, and Maura brought along another powerlifter, Jala. This was a good thing, the TSC needs more women showing some power in the world of kettlebells.

Maura and Jala - Me and Maura

Maura, who only learned how to snatch a few months ago, and only attempted to snatch the 16kg kettlebell a couple weeks ago did awesome! She placed second at the Woodbury location. I was thrilled to have her there. Jala, who is an up and coming powerlifter in the 114's, is brand new to kettlebells. She snatched the 12kg so she could participate. Pretty good for someone who has never picked up a kettlebell before! Plus she had a deadlift PR.

Jala, Me and Maura

Deana, the other woman competing and who is a regular student at Brad Nelson's, did great as well. She ripped out 105 snatches, which sounds impressive, and it is... but high intensity is normal at Kinetic edge. Deana stood tough along side the powerlifters.

Aaron showed some serious strength like always. He pulled a PR of 415lbs, which looked better than the 405 he pulled before it. He absolutely blasted out 18 pull-ups. I counted snatches for him and he methodically hammered out 114, another PR.

On a sad note, my favorite brother in law, Shawn Friday pulled a hamstring pulling 500lbs. Too bad because Shawn is a strong guy who would have put up some great numbers. Luckily Z evangelist Mike T Nelson was on the scene to administer some emergency Z. Mike got Shawn moving and the hamstring on the mend asap!

A special thank you to Jordan and Brad Nelson for hosting. Jordan ran the show, which was bitter sweet. Jordan is a seriously strong woman who gave me a real run for it last fall... however we were all very grateful to have someone like her running a very efficient program! If you have not been out to Kinetic Edge, it is worth the travel. Brad has a very nice studio, with all the gear fitness freaks dream about.

Here is how it went down for me...

Weight - 125.2lbs Last year - 121.2lbs
~yep,that is normal, up four pounds. That is my winter coat! It is probably fat and not muscle...

Deadlift - 275lbs... Last year - 255lbs
~275 flew up! However 285 was nailed to the floor and would not move for me. I can say I was more than a little disappointed. This was not a pr, I pulled 281lbs in a PL Meet...Oh, well.

Pull-ups - 12... Last Year - 11
~The first ten ticked off like clock work, then I had to hang for a moment to get 11, and then, after collecting all my wits, it took everything I had for pull-up 12. This is one better from last September, which made me very happy.

Snatches - 120... Last Year - 115
~I managed to get 120 in 5 minutes, 5 more than last year, which was satisfying. I am going to confess I do not like this endurance training. I did not really train the 5 minute snatch... I trained heavier and I trained fast 12kgs... but 5 minutes of snatching twice a year is plenty for me LOL!

Snatch Race Update
10,10,120 - 280

Grand Total - 2128

Friday, April 4, 2008

Snatch update

Thursday Snatches
15/15, 15/15 = 60 points
12/12 = 48 point
5/5 = 50 points

Friday Snatches
12/12, 10/10, 8/8, 6/6, 4/4 = 80 points

Grand Total = 1848

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bench Day

It was bench press day for Maura and me tonight. Maura LOVES the bench press, which make me like it a little more that I would normally. Here is how it went down on the bench at The Press...

Bench Press
~All had a short pause... I wasn't totally happy with the first attempt at 110, so I did another with a better pause. The last set was with pauses and a press command from Maura.

Then we did some pull-ups and triceps. It was a fun night at the gym.

Snatch update....
16kg - 150 = 300
12kg - 20 = 20
Total - 320

16kg - 20= 40
20kg - 10= 30
12kg - 10 = 10
Total - 80
Grand Total = 1610

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A few more snatches

I did a few snatches with my class last night. Something to add to my total...

Snatches on the minute 16kg
10/10 X5 = 100
5/5 X5 = 50

300 Points
1210 Grand Total