Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deadlifts a Day Early

I had to get my deadlifts in a day early because Aaron and I will be having a long over-due vacation. We are going to be heading down to Phoenix tomorrow to visit Aaron's parents for a long weekend. We are really looking forward to it! Maura was good enough to make it to my class, then we tore it up on the deadlift platform. Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlifts off a block
~I get the box squats now, I really felt my hip flexors working! I totally blasted the deads tonight... they felt great. We set the Gym Boss and pulled on the minute.

Conventional DL off a block
~This should be an improvement from last week.

~155lbs. to the knee, thinking hard about my lats...

Glut-Ham Machine
~I finally feel like I "get" the HGM


Mark Reifkind said...

Perfect!!!! nice job and have agreat time on vacation,both of you.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Great job. Your back is straight as arrow!

Also, I think I'm starting to get a handle on DL jargon:

"35lb plate pulls" = "off the block pulls"


I'm really enjoying learning about and partaking in this fantastic lift.

And have a great vacation you guys.

fawn said...

Thanks Rif!!! I know I can improve on my upper body tension... at least I am showing improvement! I am desperate to hit 300+lbs at Raw Nationals!

fawn said...


Yep, you got it... pulling off a block is the same as pulling off 35lbs plates. Because it is hard to get a block the right size for us sumo lifters, it is easier to simply use 35lbs. plates to increase the distance from floor to lockout.

It is actually SNOWING in Minnesota this weekend!!! Aaron and I are so happy to be here in sunny AZ!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Thanks Fawn for the confirmation regarding terminology.

With a coach as knowledgeable and supportive as Rif, I know you will reach your 300lb pull goal.

And ita great to hear the AZ weather is agreeing with you all.

Mark Reifkind said...

Ok Fawn, this will confuse you :))-
when you do your sumo dl training pull with the 35 lb plates- when you do the dl to knee- use 45 lb plates- same start position as comp dl.

fawn said...

As soon as I hit 300lbs, I will be desperate for 325lbs! I greedy that way! LOL!

fawn said...

Just to get this straight...

Continue to pull sumo off the block same as we have been.

Then for pulling to the knee, we will pull with regular 45lb plates using our competition sumo set up?

Mark Reifkind said...

There ya go!! Perfect!~ Just what I was talking about. a very nice position.well done.
and yes,sumo off the block or with 35 lb plates and the dl to knee with 45 's/