Friday, April 18, 2008

New Cycle of Deadlifts

Tonight is the start of a new cycle of Deadlifting. Rif has me pulling off 35lbs. plates to increase my strength breaking the floor. I also have specific instructions regarding assistance lifts. Here is how it all went down tonight...

Deadlifts off 35lbs Plates

Coventional DL's to the knee

~Feed back please...

Rack Pulls

Ham-Glute Machine
~I believe 4 is a pr for me!


Mark Reifkind said...

ok fawn,
1) pull only to the middle of the knee cap, no higher, and hold for a 1/2 second focusing on using LATS to keep the bar TIGHT to the knee/body.
2) lower the bar more slowly to the floor and dont release the hands from bar at the bottom
3) totally focus on maintaining lat tension the entire time,especially at the knee and at the start of the dl.

fawn said...

Got it Rif... I will video my next attempt!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on the TGU Fawn!!!

What is the rationale for the 1/2 pull? Isometric work at the sticky point?

Keep up the great work
Mike N

fawn said...

I believe it is for back strength and lat work...

I will be out of town on Friday, so you are off the hook for FNDL Party.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Wow, those looked really good and 35lb plates as well!

I'm only on day 6 of my first ever PTTP DL cycle and can use all the assistance and ideas out there .. especially Rifs advice!

fawn said...

Yep... it is a long way up pulling off 35lb plates! LOL! I'm afraid my form isn't very good yet... It is wonderful to have Rif as my coach, but with him in California and me here in Minnesota I have delayed feedback. Tune in on Friday for a better video of the "pulls to my knee".

I have been looking at your blog... I have never done a PTTP DL cycle. That is amazing volume! How do you like it so far?

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hah! I guess its all relative because I thought you had really great form on those. But then again the watchful eye of the Rif-master is another level of the game. LOL

So far I'm extremely pleased with the PTTP linear cycle considering my 1st time with the DL. Also the sumo style is VERY easy on my lower back. The next couple of days with it should be very interesting. I probably I started too heavy (145) but I'm ready to drop back if necessary. Tonight (Day 7 of the cycle) will be especially exciting as it calls for pulling my BW (175) x 5.

Also your 275 lb recent TSC pull was incredible! Is there a video available of it or your 281 lb pull at your pl meet?

fawn said...

I lack sufficient upper body tension when I deadlift. I need to engage my lats more. Rif can see that from a You Tube video... amazing! So, my assignment is to pull conventional to my knees, maintaining tensions for 3 reps. The movement was mechanically good... but I preformed the lift wrong.

Anywhoo... here is the link to the message about the Minnesota State Meet. I stunk up the place with my bench press, my squat looked pretty good. My deadlift form isn't the greatest... but I did move 281lbs.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Awesome on all three lifts! The pull looked real nice and as you know I'm a big sumo style fan as well!

I dislike the conventional style and 35lb plates even make it much tougher. But you are very wise to do exactly what Rif advises. He has helped me enormously already with both swing and snatch form and we haven't ever met!

Once again great job! I will be checking in frequently to learn from you all.

fawn said...

I am pulling off 35lb plates because my weakness is off the floor. If I can break the floor I can lock it out. Typical sumo problem....

Shawn Friday says to think of conventional dl's as leg presses, only the weight is in your hands. I am so lucky to have access to such great coaching!