Saturday, April 12, 2008

Squats and Deadlifts

I haven't had a heavy squat day for almost a month! Some back off time, bad weather, R-Phase classes for Z Health and the TSC worked against me and my squat day. I was actually planning on taking off this whole week before training for Raw Nationals in July. The weather was awful, I wasn't feeling totally healthy, plus I had a long day... but, I just could not let one more week pass before I tested my one rep max.

I also picked up some 35lbs. plates for our new DL program. Maura and I were anxious to test our 1 RM off the little plates. So, we pulled after we did our squats.

There was yet more bad weather to deal with this Friday night... Maura braved the sleet and snow to meet up with me at The Press for a Friday night workout. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
135 X 5
155 X3
185 X 1
210 X 1
225 X 1
235 X 1
185 X 3
~There was a little sticky spot on the 235lbs, I managed to drive through it. This is also a little high for me... I was nervous.

Here is a shot of my new PR 235lbs.

Next, Maura and I tested our 1RM pulling off little plates. Nothing too exciting... I wound up pulling 245... but I feel like I am good for 255lbs. Rif, I know you hate guessing a 1RM, but I am going to call it 255. I was out of gas, and it was late. I just couldn't do one more lift after the 245lbs. Here is a video for your viewing pleasure. Maura thought all the little plates were pretty funny so, she got a shot of the stack. LOL!

What a long way up....

Snatch Update

12/12,10/10,8/8,6/6,4/4 = 80 points

8/8 = 16 points
12/12, 13/13, 12/12, 12/12, 13/13 = 248 points

Grand Total = 2986


Franz Snideman said...

Nice job on both the squat and the deadlift!

Maybe some time off was just what the doctor ordered???

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! Time off was a good thing! It's hard to take a break, but very necessary!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn!!
Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks Mike! Will you be joining us on Fridays again?

Mark Reifkind said...

nice pr on the squat fawn!nice to see you be able to hold form and push through the sticking point.
on the dl, however, the butt came up too fast and you lost connection to the bar via the lats.use the smaller plates to get lower overall and hold that angle as you come off the ground.
try NOT to explode at the start to practice getting and staying'll get plenty of practice :))

Mark Reifkind said...

also,I notice you took two good breaths prior to going down to the bar then seemed to go to pull with no air in yourlungs and diaphragm as you started to pull.are you taking in any air and holding it before you pull?

fawn said...

Thanks Mark!
I wasn't feeling my greatest on Friday. I just could not go one more day without a squat workout. I felt like I already went too long between workouts before testing my 1RM!

As for the DL's... wow, that is a lot longer distance to travel. The bar went up slowly. I am taking my last breath on the way down to grab the bar. This lift actually looks better than the 135, LOL!

I am going to blame the lack luster deadlifting on just not feeling my best. I will post a video of my next attempt, it should look better.

I have been working on isometric DL's when ever I have the chance. When ever the DL bar is loaded heavy I ask to work in... I do an isometric pull. It is a funny thing to do, I get lots of strange looks.

Mark Reifkind said...


some days gravity is heavy. please post a video of some of the iso work as definitely are strong though! that is a long pull and a long time to pull hard, good job.

Joe Pavel said...

Keep your butt down when you lift the bar off the ground. You used all back on that one. See you soon.