Monday, April 21, 2008

Bench Press and Yoga....

I skipped a day of messages...I went to Lisa's Yoga class Sunday morning. I love going to Lisa's class. Lots of standing asana, some backbends and inversions, in a flowing Ashtanga style. Fun!

Maura and Vicki came over after our bench press workout for a BBQ and other treats. Spring seams to have finally arrived here in Minnesota and we felt compelled to sit out side and enjoy the weather.

Any whoo, here is how what happened on the bench press; nothing terribly exciting for my training. Maura, on the other hand, put on her bench shirt for the first time since November. I have NO experience with bench shirts, lucky for Maura, Vern was there to help us out. Just watching the process of putting on a bench shirt was enough to give me a claustrophobic reaction. Maura rocked it out with a 200lbs. press! WOW! Well, she is the National Champion in the 105 class, on her way to World's in July.

This is what I did, try not to be under whelmed...

Bench Press

Some Triceps and Something else...

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