Monday, April 21, 2008

Squats, my favorite!

I did some double kettlebell work with my class tonight. I even did some bear crawls... it was fun! Then I met up with Maura for squats. I just started a new cycle, so the weight is pretty light at this point, which makes workouts fun.

Back Squats
~After the second set, the weight just flew up, I felt really strong. Well, 175lbs is pretty light for me now. Plus, I really sunk depth! Felt Great!

Box Squats
~felt much better this week! I think I might be getting it...

KB Swings
16, 24, 20, 28kgs 10 swings, 3 sets
~This was Maura's idea. It was like cardio!

5 Reps of 3 Sets


Maura said...

Great work tonight! Cardio - my idea? That is crazy!! I think you are the only 123 pounder I know who says 175 is easy!!


fawn said...

Thanks Maura! I can't believe I think 175lbs is easy either. My squats have to keep up with your bench! LOL!

Steve Reishus said...

Nice job! Those are some great squat numbers. Those box squats will really make a difference in your final numbers as well! They have helped me a ton with glute drive out of the hole.

fawn said...

Thanks Steve! I am getting some coaching from Rif, so the box squats are his idea. I really feel them in the hip flexors.... hopefully they with give be a respectable deadlift too! I see you are doing box squats as well, only your number is much bigger!

Steve Reishus said...

Thanks! Although if you're referring to my photo, that is not a true reflection. That day I happened to be doing high box squats, which are not deep by any definition of the word. My actual numbers are more in the low 300's.

Franz Snideman said...

Love the 28kg girls are swinging some heavy bells that's for sure!

fawn said...

Box squats in the 300's are not bad!

fawn said...

I have a Bull Dog at home... I might have to get on for my classroom at the Press! Heavy swings are on the menu for assistance lifts!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great class! Wish I were there!

fawn said...

Soon you will be here! I am looking forward to meeting you in person!

Mark Reifkind said...

great job fawn! things are going great.