Sunday, April 6, 2008

TSC and Snatch Update

Team Friday

Yesterday was my second attendance to the TSC. I brought my lifting partner Maura Shuttleworth, and Maura brought along another powerlifter, Jala. This was a good thing, the TSC needs more women showing some power in the world of kettlebells.

Maura and Jala - Me and Maura

Maura, who only learned how to snatch a few months ago, and only attempted to snatch the 16kg kettlebell a couple weeks ago did awesome! She placed second at the Woodbury location. I was thrilled to have her there. Jala, who is an up and coming powerlifter in the 114's, is brand new to kettlebells. She snatched the 12kg so she could participate. Pretty good for someone who has never picked up a kettlebell before! Plus she had a deadlift PR.

Jala, Me and Maura

Deana, the other woman competing and who is a regular student at Brad Nelson's, did great as well. She ripped out 105 snatches, which sounds impressive, and it is... but high intensity is normal at Kinetic edge. Deana stood tough along side the powerlifters.

Aaron showed some serious strength like always. He pulled a PR of 415lbs, which looked better than the 405 he pulled before it. He absolutely blasted out 18 pull-ups. I counted snatches for him and he methodically hammered out 114, another PR.

On a sad note, my favorite brother in law, Shawn Friday pulled a hamstring pulling 500lbs. Too bad because Shawn is a strong guy who would have put up some great numbers. Luckily Z evangelist Mike T Nelson was on the scene to administer some emergency Z. Mike got Shawn moving and the hamstring on the mend asap!

A special thank you to Jordan and Brad Nelson for hosting. Jordan ran the show, which was bitter sweet. Jordan is a seriously strong woman who gave me a real run for it last fall... however we were all very grateful to have someone like her running a very efficient program! If you have not been out to Kinetic Edge, it is worth the travel. Brad has a very nice studio, with all the gear fitness freaks dream about.

Here is how it went down for me...

Weight - 125.2lbs Last year - 121.2lbs
~yep,that is normal, up four pounds. That is my winter coat! It is probably fat and not muscle...

Deadlift - 275lbs... Last year - 255lbs
~275 flew up! However 285 was nailed to the floor and would not move for me. I can say I was more than a little disappointed. This was not a pr, I pulled 281lbs in a PL Meet...Oh, well.

Pull-ups - 12... Last Year - 11
~The first ten ticked off like clock work, then I had to hang for a moment to get 11, and then, after collecting all my wits, it took everything I had for pull-up 12. This is one better from last September, which made me very happy.

Snatches - 120... Last Year - 115
~I managed to get 120 in 5 minutes, 5 more than last year, which was satisfying. I am going to confess I do not like this endurance training. I did not really train the 5 minute snatch... I trained heavier and I trained fast 12kgs... but 5 minutes of snatching twice a year is plenty for me LOL!

Snatch Race Update
10,10,120 - 280

Grand Total - 2128


Maura said...

Great photos Fawn! Thanks for convincing me to do the TSC. Super fun event!


fawn said...

Thanks Maura! You did great! You rocked it with the 60 snatches! Thanks for coming!

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Congrats, Fawn! You made it look easy. Though you don't like the 5 minute snatch test, you kept a steady pace the entire time and your form never faltered. Aaron barely showed any fatigue until the last 30 seconds!

You guys are amazing! Is it the food? Genetics? Training? or all of the above?

Taikei Matsushita said...

Fawn, are you sure that's your husband next to you?
Lately I haven't seen much of his picture except the magnified "eye".
He has better posture and actually looks stronger than the one I met last year.

fawn said...

Thanks Jim! Also, thank you for the adjustment... I needed it! I am looking forward to attending the second part of Z with you.

fawn said...

He has gotten thicker, haven't he... it's hard for me to notice because I see him every day.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Yes, he deserves an Atlas Stone.

Jordan Vezina said...

great job to both of you. Aaron has given me more fuel to push myself in training and on the platform in September.

fawn said...

Thanks Jordan... competition is a good thing. Hopefully I can break into the 300's in September.

Sean Schniederjan said...

NICE WORK!! This was so fun training for this. I can't wait til next time.

I especially like the photo of the power couple... you guys are one bad-ass married couple

Mark Reifkind said...

great job fawn, thats all good stuff. and two pr's to boot.very well done. hope shawns hammy is alright.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah and aaron kicked some ass as well! serious pr's

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! It was lots of fun! We have to get Tracy doing a TSC one of these days!

Tracy said...


Me, pullups? Me, deadlift? No interest. I'll stick to what I'm good at...or what I like! I admit, I'm a weenie.

Anyway, awesome work! And, I find training with the 12kg, for the 16kg, is the way to go!

fawn said...

You are no weenie! I think you would put up some huge snatch numbers if you did a TSC...

I remember you saying using the 12kg in preparation for five minutes with the 16kg is the way to go. That is what I did the week before the TSC... worked on speed with the 12kg. Thanks for the advice!

Gabi said...

Awesome job, all of you!
Great to see so many strong women participating!

Jala_B said...

Fawn, it was great meeting/watching you. You are awesome! Also enjoyed meeting your family.. Great job on everything!

fawn said...

Thanks Gabi! I want to see your name with some numbers behind it this fall's TSC!

fawn said...

Thanks Jala! It was a pleasure meeting you as well! The world needs more strong women!