Monday, April 14, 2008

What I have been up to....

I am behind on posting my workouts. So here it is... all business.

I did some snatches with my class tonight. We snatched on the minute...

6/6 X4 sets = 96 points
6/6 X 8 sets = 288 points
Grand Total = 3370

Monday night is squat night for me and Maura. I am starting a new cycle. Because I didn't get to really test my 1RM on the squat I am stuck with 235lbs. Don't get me wrong... I am happy with 235, but I fee like I have more in me, just not on Friday.

Back Squat
~I started my new cycle at 165lbs, which is 70% of 235lbs. This time 165 felt much easier than last cycle. I am fine with starting out here.

Box Squats
~ I asked a few guys around the gym about box squats. I looked at some You Tube videos. I posted a video for your amusement, and for Rif's feedback...

KB Front Squats

Ham-Glute Machine
~Last of all Maura and I goofed around with the Ham-Glut Machine.... I have tried to like this machine before, but it is scary... Not because you are lowering yourself face first toward the ground, but because it is a lot of tension on your hammies. YIKES!

Yesterday was Bench Press day. It was also Yoga day as well as cooking and cleaning day.

I hit Lisa's yoga class at 10am for some Ashtanga Yoga Asana. I love Lisa's classes. She moves me faster than I move myself. Plus, she has me doing asana that I don't always practice on my own. I love going to class! God help me if I ever win the lottery... I would go to class all the time.

After grocery shopping and a quick snack I met up with Maura at The Press for bench press. Maura's favorite day!

Bench Press
~I panicked on 115, it didn't go very far. However 110lbs moved pretty easily. weird. In the world of Z I would say I have serious startle reflex... I just assume the movement will hurt and I panic every time.


Skull Crushers
18/18lbs DB's
8 reps X 3 sets

After that I went home and did some cooking for the week and a little cleaning. What a great way to spend a Sunday!


Mark Reifkind said...

the box squats look great! just a LITTLE less lean back as you sit on the box but not much. they look great and yes, ghr are tough on the hammies! that's the point,lol/ well done.

fawn said...

Thanks for the feedback Rif! I took a wider stance on the box squats... the direction I got at the gym was to work up to a wider stance.

How should I move up in weight on box squats?

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for all of the updates Fawn!

I am planning to be back at the Press a few times on fridays. My schedule is pretty crazy until early June when I have my written exam; so we will see how often it happens.

What is the rationale for the rock at the bottom of the squat for somone who does not use a squat suite? Just curious.

Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Hey Mike!
We all miss you on Friday Night DL Party!

I am very new to the box squat... I could be wrong on this one, so anyone should feel free to correct me.

The way I understand the box squat is to actually sit down, then "regather" tension to stand up again. That is why I rock at the bottom. Also, my stance is wider than my regular squat stance.

This exercise is actually for my deadlift. It should strengthen my hips.

Mark Reifkind said...


the key to the box squat is fully sitting on the box and releasing the hip flexors( without releasing upper body tension) before reflexing the hip flexors and literally jumping off the box.
this is static-overcome- by dynamic strength, or starting strength training. VERY good for the start of the deadlift and for getting out of the bottom of the squat suit or no suit.
box squats are harder than regular squats as you take away the stretch reflex so youhave to create more force out of the bottom from nothing.
fawn rocked back a little too much in the upper body but one must fully sit back on the box to realize the full benefit.
It strengthens the hips and back and teaches one to explode.Like Hardstyle swings and snatches, not easier but more productive for power.

Mark Reifkind said...


the wider stance is correct. wave the loads up 3-5% each workout and stay with triples til the reps slow down a bit then go to doubles after 85%.
also, next dl day shoot some video please of the dl to knee exercise.