Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bench Press

I met up with Maura Shuttleworth... training partner and bench press champion. She is a god-send. A perfect partner for me... I do not love bench press, but Maura does.

It was our light bench press day. I got some advice from Mark Reifkind regarding my bench press last week. My form is quite nice... but I need to work on my power and speed. I will be focusing on pausing every rep and blasting the bar off my chest. Easier said than done...LOL. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press
~Presses at 75lbs my focus was on blasting the bar up after a short pause. The presses at 95lbs, got press commands from Maura, so there was a definite pause on each.

Seated Plate Raises

Face Pulls

3 sets of 5
~Maura had to talk me into these... I was ready to go home.

My energy was really low. Everything was difficult. I was sad when the workout was over... but happy to go home to my bed.


nikkiradene said...

Fawn, have you been working on the weighted pull-ups at all?

Franklin B. Herman said...

You are very fortunate to have a training partner who is looking out for your best interest and knows when to push you ... great job on those last 3 sets of 5 pull ups.

fawn said...

Hi Nikki! My focus these days are on the Raw National Powerlifting competition in July. Unfortunately my plans for the beast challenge are on the back burner...

I am still working toward the beast challenge... it's just not a priority right now. The last time I did weighted pull-ups was last week... 20lbs felt like 200lbs! I was spent after bench pressing.

fawn said...

Franklin... a good training partner is worth her weight in gold!

Maura said...

Good work, Fawn! Your pauses look much better!