Sunday, May 4, 2008

Deadlift Day

Friday night was deadlift night. I felt strong... and lifting went well! Here is how it all went down;

Deadlift off the block
195X1X8 sets
~My hip flexors on my right side started bugging me a little around set 5.

~Focusing on upper body tension... and trying not to dawdle at the bottom.

Conventional off the block to the knee
~Rif gave me a new assignment for this lift... because my hip flexors were complaining, I opted for the old lift.

Rack Pulls
~For some reason, rack pulls feel more difficult than I imagined.

Ham Glut Machine
~I think I am getting this!


Mark Reifkind said...

wow! VERY much improved! I had to go back and re check whether it was with 45 lb plates or 35s! excellent. you are developing a solid technique and great speed off the floor. perfect! I cant wait to hear what you have to say about howit feels when you go back to the regular plates.
\please stretch out those hip flexors and do some foam rolling on them as well.

Maura said...

Your deadlifts are looking great! I can't wait to see what we pull when we go back to the 45s.


fawn said...

I the DL's felt great! I am so glad to hear my technique is improving. As for hip flexor pain... it goes away that evening. Stretching is a regular thing. I think I am doing something weird like flexing my toes on the right side that causes the pain when I pull.

I can't wait to test our max on 45's! I have a good feeling about this cycle!

Aaron Friday said...

That grip and rip looks awesome! No fuckin' around there.

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work!
Have you played around with toe pulls (esp inside and middle) inbetween DL sets for the RF and psoas? Results--good, bad, no difference?
See ya tomorrow night for DL night
Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

The same hip has been bugging me for months... it is slowly getting better. At first my hip flexors would ache for a few days, hip circles would temporarily take away the discomfort (from a 3 to a 0, honestly not a lot of discomfort) so, I did hip circles as needed.

I was doing timed pulls... so no time to take my shoes off to do toe pulls. Not a big deal... my flexors only bugged me right after the pull. It's hard to explain... I will elaborate tomorrow night.