Friday, May 23, 2008

Deadlift PR

I met up with our regular deadlift crew for a night of pulling fun! Shawn Friday even showed up ... hamstring is all better.

Maura and I had a go with the 45lb plates, after a whole cycle of pulling off a block. I wanted to test my max... or at least get close. I still have some work to do regarding my form and mental focus. I did manage to eek out a PR of 285lbs. Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlift
~I had to pull 255 twice... the first time I was unfocused and giggly, not a good way to start a pull, LOL! The second attempt at 255, it flew up. The 285 pull was pretty tough off the floor. I know I have more in me... I know I need to work on my form. My plan is to work on visualization a little more. Here is something to look at...

~My hip thing started bugging me again. I did find a Z drill to help, but I called it quits after only two sets.

Rack Pulls
~I am finally starting to get rack pulls! For the first them they didn't totally suck!

Ham-Glute Machine

I think I need a little more practice with heavy weights... most of my problem is simply expecting the weight to be heavy, fighting through it and not panicking. I am going to goof around with some heavier weights for a while.


Gabi said...

130kg (if my math is correct)!?! OMG, I guess that's well over double BW... Congratulations!
I'll have to take the time to check out your older blog posts to see your way of progress.

As for the DL-party in MN, it would be so great to join your company, even if just to watch! Well, who knows, who knows... ;)

fawn said...

Yep... 2.28 of BW. Not too bad... but certainly lots of room for improvement.

Mark Reifkind said...

woo hoo!! thats freaking great. the best pull I have seen you do and the best connection to the bar ever. well done.
you got back on your heels too fully and that's why it slowed a bit but you ground through it perfectly. THATS what a max effort feels like, you just keep grinding and never give up position.
awesome. 300 is on it's way.
and, as bad as the pulls off the floor are look how strong they made you :))

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! It felt great to finally get another PR after February!

I know I can do better. I still panic and make mistakes when I pull heavy. I only have a couple months to fix that.

Sean Schniederjan said...

Fawn, you were inspiring Fri night! I still can't believe how fast you pulled 255 that second time...

fawn said...

Thanks Sean! Interesting how focus makes a lift better! LOL!... but not on the platform.