Sunday, May 11, 2008

Deadlifts, Fun and a Couch Day

Friday night deadlifts were a lot a fun... like always! Mike N and Jodi made a cameo appearance, which was nice. Maura's friend Vicki also joined us, which was an extra nice surprise. Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlift off a block
~I just realized I made a mistake on my calculations... I should have been at 210lbs. My right hip started bugging me half way through again... inside toe pulls cleared it up. I seam to want to flex my toes only on the right when I pull which is causing the hip thing. Weird.

Conventional DL's
~Not on the schedule... but it felt like the right thing to do.

20lbs - 1
10lbs - 2
10lbs - 2
~After conventional DL's I was exhausted! We opted for some lat work in the form of pull-ups. After pull-ups I was toast.

I may be on the edge of over reaching this week. I did not want to do rack pulls or HGM, so I skipped them. I like to train using intuition... if I REALLY don't want to do something, I usually don't.

After DL Party, Vicki, Maura and I went to the Half Time Rec for some fun. Maura and Vicki's favorite band, Mark Starey and the Whiskey Roses were playing. We had a lot of fun dancing, laughing and drinking!

Saturday after my kettlebell classes, I was beat! I was low on sleep and had too much fun the night before on deadlift night, maybe not the greatest choice ... Ooops! I spent Saturday afternoon resting my sore muscles and just chilling out.


Taikei Matsushita said...

I can bet that you can press 24kg kettlebell, if not now in very near future.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Nice "off the block" work, 220 x 1 x 6 is awesome!

And I'm very envious of your conventional pulls as well .. those just destroy my lower back.

fawn said...

I have not tried to press the 24kg lately... I would be so happy if I could! Maybe I should give it a try... I should rotate in some push presses with that weight at the very least. Thanks for the comment!

fawn said...

Thanks Franklin! I am like you... a big fan of the deadlift!

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Hi Fawn! I've got my flight,etc set for RKC II. I'll be up early b/c last time I got delayed and missed a bit of Friday morning. Let me know if we can fit some yoga in!
Good to know you take a couch day now and then!