Saturday, May 17, 2008


Another fun night of deadlifting at The Press Gym on Friday night! I met up with Maura Shuttleworth for our last night pulling off 35lb plates for this cycle. The end of a cycle is still difficult weights for me. I have been cutting back on my kettlebell training because my energy has been low. My energy has been low, I'm not sure why. Next week we are going to test our 1RM... that should be fun.

Here is how it all went down...

Sumo off the block
~ 235 was heavier than I expected... I am going to have to learn to expect the weight to be heavy, this will be an important lesson for me.

Conventional off the block

H-G Machine


Mark Reifkind said...

this is a very important point I talk about in my Tension is Strengh lecture at the RKC feed forward tension( pre tensing in anticipation of a heavy load) is critical when getting ready for heavy weights.when on expects things to be light the activation levels of the muscles is much less than the opposite.
that's why tension, tension and MORE tension,especially in the dl where you dont get to 'feel' the weight first is crucial.
you just need to be careful that getting tight before a heavy weight doesnt lead to psyching oneself out with fear of the 'heavy weight'. get tight, not scared.
you are doing great :))

fawn said...

I can intellectualize gathering tension... but making it happen is a challenge, and gathering tension and being explosive is really difficult. I know I can do it... but making it a habit is tough.

I want to do a conventional deadlift for my next cycle. I want to rest my hip. I also want to spend a little more time in the 80-90%. I feel like I need some more experience picking up something challenging.

I have 10 weeks until Raw Nationals. I really want to put up something respectable.

Mike T Nelson said...

Since you will have the second half of the Z R Phase coming up, that may be a great time to do a deload and focus on lots of mobility training at the cert. I've found that it takes more out of me than I have realized in the past; but once I get through I normally feel awesome and all my lifts go up.

What is the dealio with the hip? Any change from 1.5 weeks ago?

rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Hi Mike,
Hip is still bugging me...
I have not found a drill to make it go away permanently... but toe pulls, hip circles and ankle tilts are relief.
The pain goes away soon after the lift. Same, same.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Perhaps you are placing too much pressure on yourself with doing well at the Nationals.

You already have surrounded yourself with the best coaches and training peers and your progress is solid .. the rest will take care of itself.

fawn said...

The end of a cycle is always tough for me... I can see where I want to be in my brain, but making it happen is just out of reach. I suppose that is a reason to continue training... if I were content, why bother? LOL!