Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Girl at Bench Night

The planets aligned in an interesting way tonight at Press Gym. There were 5 women powerlifters who just so happened to show up tonight. Cheryl Anderson was tearing it up on the deadlift platform... pulling 330lbs!!! Nice job Cheryl!!! I have got to get a kettlebell in this woman's hands! Angela Simons was squatting with the dudes from Hudson. Maura and I invited up and coming Powerlifter Anna White to join us on the bench press. Anna is going to Raw Nationals with us this summer. We are hoping to put together a Minnesota team or at least a Press Gym team. How cool is that??? Here is how my workout went down tonight...

Bench Press
~All with a solid pause at the bottom... the last set at 85lbs I got press commands from Maura.


I had to show Anna my kettlebells. She is a student at the U of M... guess who is the TA for one of her classes... yep, Mike (Z man) Nelson!!!

Renegade Rows
12kg 6L/6R
12kg 5L/5R w/ a push-up
16kg 6L/6R

Overhead Presses
16kgs 5L/5R/5L/5R

We had a great time tonight!


Maura said...

See, it's possible for bench press night to be fun!!

fawn said...

Yep, it was a fun night on the bench press!