Friday, June 6, 2008

Deadlifts, Chin-ups, Yoga and SPPS

I went to Lisa's yoga class this morning. What a great way to start a Friday! Who would ever think that Powerlifting and Yoga could be such a lovely compliment? Even Dr. Cobb had a laugh. I have been practicing 4 different things.... Kettlebells, Z-Health, Yoga and Powerlifting. I have been doing a little of each almost every day. How weird of a practice is that? Sounds weird... but it seems to serve me well right now.

Deadlift party at The Press Gym tonight. I am starting a new cycle. I have decided to make it primarily a conventional cycle with only a few pulls from a sumo stance. This will be my last cycle before Raw Nationals in July. Here is how it went down...

Conventional Deadlift
~I figured I was good for a 265lb conventional deadlift. This was 70% of 265. It felt pretty easy and I ripped of 15 pretty quickly.

~ I am going to do just enough sumo pulls as to not let my form turn to a total pile of crap. LOL!

~I super-set the RDL's with Chin-ups.

~I have decided I should have some better looking biceps. So, I am going to add chins into the mix. Plus, pull-ups are getting boring. I got a little greedy with the 30lbs. Two reps at 25lbs was pretty hard.

I goofed around with Sots Press Pistol Style... I can suddenly do this with a 16kg kettlebell. I discovered this just a couple weeks ago. Joe Pavel and I goofed around with some show-off kettlebells moves at the R-Phase this last weekend. It was a great way to blow off some steam. Joe has really nice form with everything he does.

~Here is something to look at... not the prettiest Sots Press Pistol Style I have done at this weight. It was at the end of my workout after all. It is something to look at until I post something nicer. LOL!


Maura said...

Great work Fawn! Your conventionals at 185 looked so easy!

fawn said...

I have to say 185lbs was super easy! That is alright... I was in the mood for super easy, LOL!

Jesse K said...

Nice grin there at the end! :)

Taikei Matsushita said...

I could never beat that pistol sots press.
Will be in St.Paul 3 weeks.

fawn said...

Yep... this is my show-off lift! LOL!

Tracy said...


I'll work on my biceps too and we can take an updated photo of our already infamous bicep pose!

Nice video, by the way. Mark tells me that you call this your "cradle gift"....what's mine? lol I'll have to find it!

fawn said...

Hey Tracy!
Now I am even more inspired to spiff up my biceps! Yep... this is my cradle gift. Your cradle gift... I have been telling you, Kettlebell Exercise Video!!! You are cute, confident and have great moves!

Mark Reifkind said...

Hey I think its a great combination to practice. all the things compliment and or balance each other out. nice sots press too!

Jennifer said...

OMG! That's awesome, Fawn. I'd give up biceps if I could do that! I guess since you can do it, though, why not go for better biceps? Strong work.

fawn said...

Thanks Mark! What do you think of a conventional DL cycle? It just feels like the right thing to do.

fawn said...

Thanks Jennifer! Truthfully... I am sick of doing pull-ups. Chins are a great alternative, plus they are easier.

Mark Reifkind said...


how close are you to the meet? I wouldnt want you to do TOO much conv dl'ing too close, as an assistance yes but too close to the meet could screw up your sumo groove. your call though.

Mark Reifkind said...


tracy's cradle gift is a cardiovascular system that Lance armstrong would be happy with!

fawn said...

The meet is July 26. My conventional plan was to do a cycle with sumo as assistance lift. I believe this will be the last cycle I get.

I also want to include box squats in my cycle of squats. I am planning on doing board presses on light bench day.

Any words of wisdom for me?

And I totally agree, Tracy's cradle gift is endurance! Imagine what a little IPO would do for her... LOL! I just want to make a KB video with her.

Maura said...

I think your boards should be on your heavy day. They are supposed to be heavier, and it's nice to have a full week to recover with only light bench in the middle.


fawn said...

Of course you are right... what would I do with out you???

Franz Snideman said...

"Kettlebells, Z-Health, Yoga and Powerlifting. I have been doing a little of each almost every day."

Well, at least you know what you enjoy and want to get good at! Clarity is always a good thing!

Franz Snideman said...

oh....and awesome job on the SOTS/pistol -- yikes!!!!!

Sean Schniederjan said...

You are a very talented lady! The only thing you're better at is cooking!

That was such a good dinner last night, thanks again for inviting me over. Could you divulge the prep for the asparagus?

Gabi said...

Oh my, okay, I'm converted!! :) I think this was the last push I needed to get me on the yoga-wagon :)

Mark Reifkind said...


unless you plan on pulling conventional at this meet you should train sumo and use conv as assist.

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! Are you still coming to RKC 2 in two weeks? I would love to have a chance to talk shop with you!

Sean, It was a pleasure to have you over. We will have to do it again sometime soon! Asparagus is easy; Salt and Oil, then grill until tender! Let me know how it goes!

Gabi, I think anything soft will balance out a hard style practice. Yoga is pretty fun. For sure you will have to give it a try!

Mark, I am not going to pull conventional at the meet. I will adjust my practice. Thanks for the input. I hate making stupid mistakes!

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Fawn, you're a pimp!!! I aspire to be as badassed as you in some lifetime!

fawn said...

Oh, stop Mark! YOU are the pimp... and Cortney is a total babe! Give her a hello for me.