Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes it's Difficult...

Tonight was deadlift night at The Press Gym. It was Maura Shuttleworth's last heavy bench press workout before World's. She is leaving on Sunday for Prague. How cool is that? Shawn and Aaron Friday joined us, as usual. My limit for bench press hand-off is 160lbs... so good thing our bench press technician Shawn was there to help Maura.

It was a difficult workout for me tonight. I think the problem started last week with lots of heavy rack pulls. Then on Monday, heavy walk-outs. On Wednesday, bench press was difficult and I only felt like I had 105lbs. I went easy on the assistance lifts.

I had to reconfigure my deadlift workout due to lack of attention to timing. My plan is to go 255lbs this week, 265 next week, 275, then 290lbs two weeks out from the meet. Tonight... five days after the heavy walk-outs, and I am still feeling low on energy. Here is how it all went down...

Sumo Deadlift
~Warm up lifts felt great! The first four pulls at 255lbs. felt more difficult than they should have. Finally the 5th attempt at 255 felt good.

Conventional Deadlift

Ham-Glut Machine

My energy was low after the sumo deadlifts, so I reigned in my plans for lifting tonight. I lowered my plan for conventional DL's. I called off the rack pulls, and went easy on the HGM. I feel bad for not having a strong workout. But, I have to have get strong again soon, hopefully I will bounce back soon...


Maura said...

Thanks for all the bench shirt help! It was definitely a good thing we had Shawn there!


Mark Reifkind said...


don't stress about it. the heavy racks and walk outs definitely took it's toll on your cns and the dl is the MOST dependent on a fresh cns.its more important than your muscle 'strength'. That's why it's the easiest lift to overtrain, and that's why you should stay focused more on your squat numbers to build the strength for your dl and your dl form and technique. VERY FEW people can pull in the gym what they WILL pull in the meet and trying too hard for pr's in the gym rarely brings the results you want.
stay with the numbers and if anything go lighter in the pull off the floor and back off the racks and walksout a bit( one or the other next week).recovery is more important than anything.
you'll be fine. see you soon.

fawn said...


You will rock at World's! I wish I was going with you! You will have so much fun... see you in a week!

fawn said...

Thanks Mark,
I'm sure I will feel better next week. I guess I am the type of person who has to experience my own mistakes! LOL! Oh well, now I know... don't do heavy walk outs and heavy rack pulls close together. Oops!

Mike T Nelson said...

It will work out fine Fawn, just listen to your body.

I had to switch from reg DLs to trap bar DLs at a lighter weight recently to clean up some issues and reg DLs were messing me up. Lots of stress does not help either!

Keep up the great work.
rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks Mike,

I am already feeling better. I'm like a little flame... either I am on or I am off.