Monday, June 23, 2008

Squats on my own...

Maura is off in Prague for Bench Press Worlds. Pretty great for her. I am here, training on my own. Boo hoo for me. Well, it wasn't really that bad. Brad Madvig and Jim Cahill were training at The Press tonight, which was actually pretty nice for me. Having such a big, strong guy like Madvig there to give me a spot is an extra boost of confidence. How nice is that? Any ways... here is how it went down for me.

Back Squat

Box Squats
~ I really had to goof around with the technique here. I felt like the 175 was more like a Good Morning.

Over all, not a bad night for being on my own. Everyone asked me about Maura...

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Maura said...

I am on my way back!! I am in Paris on a four hour layover! Great job on your squats Fawn! I have almost forgotten what a squat is. LOL! I have so much to share! I learned tons!

But what I want to know is have you been doing your bench press while I was gone???