Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bench Press Training

Wednesday and Sunday are bench press days... Bench press is my least favorite lift. I am sure the main reason I don't love the bench press is because it is a weak lift for me. My form is pretty nice, even by Rif's standards, but I am still 10lbs short of pressing my body weight. If it wasn't for my stellar lifting partner, Bench Press Champion Maura Shuttleworth, I would bomb the bench press altogether. Lucky for me Maura loves the bench press, and her love for this lift carries over for me. I don't always post my bench press workouts because they are still pretty vanilla... I should be working on boards and some other variations, but I just haven't gotten there yet. Any whooo here is how it all went on for me on the bench....

Bench Press
Press with Commands
~I really feel like I own 110lbs.

Skull Crunchers

Face Pulls


Mark Reifkind said...

next cycle : boards boards boards and more board press. oh yeah and more rolling db extensions. 7 sets of 8 with 15 sec rest/sets
oh yeah, while I remember it: next cycle assistance for deadlift : double kb swings for low(8-10) reps. great job!

fawn said...

I know... I meant to use boards. I just felt like I had to perfect the bench press before I got fancy. I still struggle with holding the bar still on my chest.

I will do more rolling db extensions. I have been doing something similar; on the floor, no momentum, I called them skull crushers. Some big powerlifter showed me that lift, or maybe it was a little powerlifter.

Maura thinks I can qualify for women's nationals at raw nationals. All I need is a 650lb total. We will see...

Maura said...

Fawn -

You are definitely capable of qualifying for women's at raw nationals!! I think you should just go light tomorrow for bench press. We will work boards in after raw nationals for sure!