Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything is easy until it gets heavy....

This is the time in my training cycle where I start to complain. I feel much better disliking the peaking stage now that I know Rif doesn't really care for it either. I love lifting between 75-90% of my max. Those weights are fun! Heavy enough to be interesting... light enough to be enjoyable. Above 90% gets oppressive and a little stressful. I have to focus. No joking around. It's work. I am much more interested in having fun.

I am finding myself wanting to take a nap in the middle of the day. I crave lots of fat... not just my treat of corn chips, but big fat; coconut oil, nut butter, fatty cuts of meat, mayonnaise... my energy is low.

The 16kg kettlebell is starting to feel heavy. I get fired up for my workout with the barbell... then my little flame burns out and I am asleep on the couch about an hour after getting home from the gym. Raw Nationals is in 21 days... that means two more squat night and one deadlift workout.

Boo hoo... I am a cry baby! Any whoo here is how it all went down...

~The first single at 270 flew up! It went up easier than the 265. The second two singles went up easy enough... It is still tough to break the floor. I feel like I own 270.

Only deads tonight. I had to train clients until 8:30... Aaron, Shawn, Maura, Vicki and I are going up to visit Aaron and Shawn's parents this weekend. Should be fun.


Maura said...

Good job tonight Fawn! You definitely own 270!!

Training heavy is hard. I only really like it on the bench press! I love all bench press though! :)

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Fawn, awesome training! You should come see me again to get your alignment perfected, especially as you crank up the percentages above 90! That way your structure will be maximally efficient with the lowest risk of injury as well. It will probably help your recovery time a bit too.

Mark Reifkind said...

welcome to real deal, competition powerlifting,lol. LOTS of CNS stress. Intensity kicks ones ass just as strongly as volume does.
and yes one does crave the extra calories of fatty foods. LOTS of just plain old rest and other training goes right out the window.
BUT just remember this competition is JUST about one can do on the platform for 9 attempt. Datsit.
gotta stay focus on just those lifts as hard as possible. nothing else matters now.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah, GREAT job ont he 270. and yes there is a world of difference in 'making' a weight and owning it. Love to own it.well done.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Fawn, nice setup in the post and BAM 270 x 3 x 1 .. great job!!

fawn said...

I for sure want to do some more body work with you! I just got back into town and will give you a call soon!

fawn said...

This will be good for me... focus is something I struggle with and PLing is a perfect way to learn how to control myself, push through and do my best! Thanks for the pep talk!

fawn said...

I really needed to OWN 270 before I could enjoy my vacation. It was a "punch the clock workout". I am so happy I did it.

fawn said...

You are the best training partner in the world... thank you!

Maura said...

Thanks Fawn! I owe you for all the bench shirt help!