Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Squat Workout

Tonight was our last heavy squat workout. Maura, Anna White and I met up to pound it out one last time before the big competition. I am really looking forward to Raw Nationals... But, I am ready for some rest.

My plan was to nail 240 or 245, but after looking at the video, you will know why I stopped at 230. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
~Huge sticking point at 230lbs. Wow... it felt like time stood still for a minute. Brad Madvig, on the spot, said he didn't help... Thanks for being there Brad! If you want a perfect demonstration in sticking point... check this out.

Training feels like a 5 course meal to me...
I start out at 70% - a frustrating weight to be at. It is like getting a bread basket at your table... you don't really want to eat a bunch of it, but you can't stop yourself because you are so hungry.
Then on to 75% - The amuse bouche... a tease of what is to come, leaving you hungry and dissatisfied.
OK, 80% - The soup, finally sustenance!
85% - Salad, my favorite part, I could be perfectly happy stopping here...
90% - Entree, always more that you thought it would be...
95% - Dessert, you think you want it, but you consume it with caution.
Max Out - That 5th glass of wine, the last of the bread basket, some of your dinning companion's meal... just a little too much, but you can't help yourself!


Maura said...

Nice analogy Fawn! Your depth looks good to me!

fawn said...

I could be perfectly happy staying between 80-90%... like I could be perfectly happy skipping entree and dessert. LOL!

Thanks Maura! Squatting was fun tonight.

Howie Brewer said...

Nice job Fawn! Just remember, there is no spoon. Blast right through those sticking points!! Good luck at the Nationals!! Woo hoo!!!

Christine said...

Hey Fawn....Good luck at nationals! Go kick some a**!

fawn said...

Thanks Howie and Christine!

Joe Pavel said...

R&R yourself for the Nationals. Then kick some butt.
Good luck!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

I am extremely excited for you! You put the serious training time in so now Go kick some national butt!

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Hmmm. Sorry it looks like I was kinda right. You're peaked and need to linger there 'til the meet. (or twin peaks?)

Good analogy you made. Very well developed too. One thing, though - you can't calculate your 80% unless you max once in while... another thing, I love dessert!

Rest up, visualize and feel clearly the lifts you want to make. And stoke the fire so you can kick some ass at Nationals! You will do great! I know you will.

fawn said...

Thanks Joe and Franklin!
I love lifting, but I am ready for some recovery!

fawn said...

Visualization is on the top of my list. I think that will be extremely helpful.

You are right about maxing out... definitely necessary. Dessert will look much more appetizing when I am starving and it is the only thing on the menu! That should happen in 10 days.

As for the 70%... that would have only been 168lbs. Both 220 and 210 flew up with hardly a pause.

Even thought my strength wasn't really where I wanted it, I do feel really good about fighting through that sticking point.

I am taking that 70 as using no more than 70% effort in my classes. Any way, we can discuss this more on Sunday.

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Gotcha Fawn. That 70's show thing - you know better than I what it was.

I do think powering your way through the sticking point was awesome and an excellent way to train - kind of like a pause or something but I'm no powerlifter, just intuition talking.

With 10 days to stoke the fire and get hungry, dessert will taste awesome!

fawn said...

I'm pretty new to PLing myself... funny you should say the sticking point was like a pause, I thought the same thing.

Mark Reifkind said...

great work fawn, and you know that being able to grind like tht is the real key to getting real pr's on the platform. you are going to kick ass at Nationals!