Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to get Serious...

Monday is my regular squat day. After a weekend of fun with friends, and missing my deadlift day on Friday, I was really looking forward to getting under the bar again. Maura had the day off work so we met up early at The Press for our squat workout.

This is the difficult part of training for me. I am at 90% of my 1RM, I had 2 sets of 2 at 115lbs on the menu. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
~ I don't really know what happened... 215 moved like crap. I can't even say the bar felt heavy... I simply didn't have the juice. I might have got one good squat on my first rep of the first set. On the second rep I really twisted my way up, I don't know why. The second set, I didn't hit depth and the second rep moved very slowly.

Box Squats
~I think these moved up better than last week. I will have to make a movie for Rif's approval. I feel it in the hip flexors which is where I believe I am supposed to feel it.

Kettlebell Class
I worked out with my class. I went pretty light, with the exception of Bulgarian Split Squats... that was part of my squat workout. I did 2 sets of 2 with double 16's.

I usually workout with my class, but I don't count it as a workout because I am distracted. I have to watch over my students, make corrections, offer demonstrations and coach. It doesn't seam balanced to me... so I feel like that training really counts as a workout.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice squats. you just sat back a tad in the hole on the second rep and got out of position.
the twisting is when your strong side takes over in max effort positions.avoid this as much as possible.very bad on the spine and the joints( I can tell you).
secret is to focus on weak side during me efforts.
easy to say, very hard to do.
the key isnt that it's slow but that you have the leverage to fight through.thats grinding and thats competition powerlifting, in nutshell. the ability to grind.
thats how all ALL max effort lifts go.especially meet lifts with reall 101% weights.
great job.

fawn said...

Thanks Rif!
I just want that 248 so bad. I will work on visualizing... I know I have it in me!

fawn said...

I didn't want to post this video because it looked so bad... thank you for all the encouragement, Rif. I know it is panic setting in that causes the lifts to go wrong. Really 215 shouldn't look that heavy. I am dreading and looking forward to Raw Nationals all at the same time.

kashdog said...

That's great. My favorite part is that I can't see you behind those huge weights. Good job Fawn.

fawn said...

Thanks Jesse!
Hopefully I can post a prettier video soon.