Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kb's, bench, Kb's...

I am trying to record all training... I suppose I need to include my asana practice, and not just the classes. Here is what I remember from the last few days...

20 minutes standing asana

Some kettlebell swings and snatches...
It was a variety day 20kg a few snatches and swings, I cleaned the 24kg a few times. I had a good sized class, so lots of light 12kg snatches and swings.
Some other stuff...

20 minutes standing asana

Kettlebell work
Variety, nothing heavy

Bench Press
~Challenging but doable


Kettlebell variety work

Maura is off to bench press nationals. The holiday weekend is coming up... it is going to goof up my training schedule.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back off Squat Day and I-Phase

I want everyone to know that I am now I-Phase certified. How cool is that? If you are a Z person you know that is pretty cool! I had a great weekend with Dr. Cobb, Kathy, Mike TN and Andrea. Dr. Jim Ryan sat next to me, so he was stuck being my partner quite a lot... which was very nice for me. Marty Larson was there to stir things up, Joe Pavel has a spooky eye so he is a good person to practice drills with, Brad is always an interesting case, so he makes a great partner and Aaron Schwenzfiere is so well read and smart he makes the class extra interesting. We had a pretty small class, so I feel like that was to my advantage... and I need every advantage I can get.
Mike and Aaron

Kathy looks like she could be my relative

As fun and great I-Phase was... the class itself was very challenging. I was left pretty drained on days 3 and 4. Today I woke up feeling like the day after Christmas... excited to try all my new skills, but very sad the whole experience is gone. I hope I can recreate everything I learned... I hope I can remember how to apply it, I hope I can actually make it all work right... well I will have to practice. Yikes!

Today was squat day, Maura is off to bench nationals this weekend. Maura had her last bench workout and I did some squats. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squats

I am working on NOT over training. This is a big problem for me because I don't totally know what over training is... for myself. Here is the my biggest problem, even if I don't feel like training, I will feel left out if I don't join in. How am I supposed to know if I am over trained?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just kettlebells

Today is going to be day 3 of I-Phase. Lots of information. Yesterday we spent quite a lot of time working on ankle, knee and hip drills. I have to say it was a little too much Z drills for me... or maybe too much sitting. By 6pm yesterday I was cooked... lucky for me my kettlebell students talked me into doing a special class on Friday night because there will be no class on Saturday while I am learning how to be a better trainer. Here is what I did...

Swing - Clean - FSQ - PP - NP
16kg; pyramid Left/Right 1-5-1
~I love this combo... but this pyramid was killer!

Renegade Row
12/12kg X10X3

16kg 8X3

Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12kg 5X3


Friday, August 22, 2008

Z-Health I-Phase

Thursday was the first day of I-Phase. Dr. Cobb is magic... he really is a special person. There is a certain talent required to do Z effectively, I can't really tell if I have it naturally or if I need to cultivate it... but Dr. Cobb has the touch. Just being around him is inspiring. He definitely has a gift for movement.

I secured a seat between Dr. Jim Ryan and Mike Nelson. Jim is a DC, and a very good body worker. Mike is scary smart. I got the best seat in the house. I need to be close to all the smarts I can. I am at a huge disadvantage being a college drop out, and largely self educated in regards to movement. We are doing mirror imaging drills, thank god I know the vocab... unfortunately abduction, adduction, flexion, extension are just as difficult as left, right, north, south... Doing mirror imaging drills is the same as when I navigate when Aaron is driving. I can see in my mind's eye what direction is needed, but the only word that comes is "turn"! or in the case of Z "Bend". LOL!

I managed to get a little workout with my class last night...

Single hand swing pyramid 5-10-5 with 20kg
Snatch pyramid 1-3-1 16kg X 3
Bear Crawls
Front Squat
Double OH Press 12, 16, 12 - 5 reps, my arms are still wore out from Wednesday's bench training.

Today is day 2 of Z. Lots of fun, but lots of sitting too, which I am not used to... it gives me a bad gate, LOL!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bench Press Night

I did some work with the 12kg kettlebell with my class. About 20 minutes (10 working minutes 30/30) of cardio. I also did a few heavy snatches with the 20kg yesterday, which left my traps feel taxed today. So, when I met up with Maura for bench press my energy was feeling a little low. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press
~Wow, this was a lot of work. The bar felt heavy, even with 2-5 minutes of rest between sets.

Abs. I still can't believe I am actually doing these.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Squats

Squat night at The Press gym... all good stuff. Maura met up with me for some time under the bar. Here how it went down for me...

Back Squat
~I am at 80%, this is just the right amount of weight... fun, yet challenging. Sets 3 and 6 felt the best.

Pause Squats
~Wow! I can't believe I did 8 pause squats at 135, that is pretty good for me!

abs... which I still hate.

Sunday Bench Press

I started my Sunday morning with yoga class at Lisa's Neti Neti Studio. It is so nice to attend class, someone else is thinking about the sequence and I am free to enjoy the movement. What a very nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

After lunch I rushed off to the gym to bench with Maura. Maura is getting ready for Bench Nationals. I am in charge of getting Maura's bench shirt on, which is a pretty big responsibility. No bench shirt on my back, here is how it went down for me...

Close Grip Bench Press

Face Pulls

Abs and something else... I can't remember.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KB Doubles

I did a little training with my class today. I go you go style...

Double 16kg
Double Swing - 10
Double FSQ - 5
Double Clean - 10
Double PP - 5
~Swings were easy, Squats were easy, Cleans are always a challenge, and Push Press was more difficult than I remembered. I ran through the whole sequence 4 times.

Renegade Row/Punisher
Double 16kg


After I stunk up Raw Nationals with my deadlift (or lack there of), I haven't really pulled since... I am feeling very stuck, I am really no stronger now then I was in February. That is a little depressing. So I met up with Maura for my first night back pulling. Because I am feeling so lost in regards to deadlift, I kept it all real simple. Here is how it all went down...

Conventional Deadlift
~I was going to pull some sumo, but it was a busy night at The Press on the deadlift platforms. I called it quits a little early...

Romanian Deadlift
~Double overhand grip. I am not sure if these are as taxing on the CNS as regular deadlift.

Ham-Glute Machine
~I haven't done this movement for a while, this machine is a killer!

I might need a different night for deadlifting... I certainly need a different approach. I just don't know how to pull heavy without over doing it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday Night KB Class

I am recording all training I participate in now. I didn't record any of the training I did with my KB class before Raw National, but because there is an over training issue I need to work out I am will disclose everything...

There is a special Ladder/Reverse Latter exercise my class loves. I decided to work hard in an I go/You go style...

Double 16kgs
12 Double Swings/1 Double Punisher
11 Double Swings/ 2 Double Punishers
10 Double Swings/ 3 Double Punishers
And so on until we reached 1 Double Swing and 12 Double Punishers

This is the workout I am going to submit to Pavel for his book.

I also did some swings and snatches with the 12kg with my 4pm class. I did a few lunges with the 7pm class. Neither were taxing at all. The Doubles workout was a little on the taxing side, just because I really had to move fast just to keep the rest time short for my class.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bench Press

I can't tell if I really don't like bench press or if I am just resentful because I am not very good at it. Maura and I met up to press a little tonight. Maura is on her way to Bench Press Nationals Labor Day weekend. Tonight was Maura's light bench press, here is how it went down for me...

Single Arm Swing Pyramid
~I did this with my class. I also did various combinations with a 12kg kettlebell. Not a taxing weight at all. I am going to report all significant exercise.

Bench Press
75lbs X 5
95lbs X5X5
~this is the first time I made it through 5 sets of 5 with 95lbs.

Plate Raises


Chest Supported Rows
55lbs X6X3

Skull Crushers
15/15lbs X8X3

A good training night. I feel like my bench press movement is making some improvements, finally.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Squat Night

Back Squat

Box Squats

Bulgarian Split Squat
12/12kg X 5
16/16kg X5X2


Awesome Weekend!

Well it is Monday and I am coming down from a weekend of fun with my best bud Tracy Reifkind. That's right... it was a huge honor for Aaron and me to host the Reifkinds. Yep, I had Rif's ear all to myself several times. I spent that valuable time asking lots of questions about training, kettlebells and powerlifting.

Aaron and I also hosted a BBQ in our back yard for our friends in blogosphere. There are loads of pictures on my facebook account. It is a special occasion when people I know from my blog are in town, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them in person.

Tracy was co-teacher at my kettlebell classes. I have a very dedicated group who train hard, they love it when Tracy comes to town. Tracy and I also went to Bikram yoga twice! We paled around town, walked around Como Lake a couple times and cooked together.

So much fun stuff happened, it is hard to put it all on my blog. Good stuff!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kettlebells and Bench Press

Warmed up with some swings and snatches using a 12kg with my kettlebell class. Then I met up with Maura for some bench press. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press


16kg kettlebell 8X3

Chest Supported Rows

Tuesday Kettlebells

Snatch on the Minute
12kg - 5l/5r, 6l/6r, 7l/7r
16kg - 5l/5r, 6l/6r
20kg - 5l/5r, 5l/5r, 5l/5r

Renegade Rows/Push-up
5l/5r/10 push-ups X3

Some other stuff, can't rememeber

Monday, August 4, 2008

Squats... my favorite.

I don't care if I stunk up Raw Nationals. I don't care if I missed my first ever squat with 242lbs on my back. I still love to squat. I know I have a lot of room for improvement... but I am going to keep at it because squatting is fun. Plus I think squatting is the most superior lift. Yep, it is even better than deadlifting.

Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
~all good stuff... I goofed around with different descents, quick and slow. I also focused on bone rhythm.

Neutral grip pull-ups

~somehow Maura talked me into doing abs.... god, how I hate doing abs.

I worked with the 12kg with my class tonight. Nothing too exciting, swings, squats and snatches.

Kettlebell Workout

Now that general consensus that I am over trained I have decided to report all kettlebell activity, even if I don't really consider it a part of training. Saturday I worked out with one of my star students. Here is how it all went down...

Single Hand Swing Pyramid

Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12kg; 5l/5r X3

Push-ups with toes on a bench

16kg; 3l,3r X 3

We finished up with some abs, which I hate. I hate ab exercises. I think they are boring.

I also did a bunch of swings and snatches and squats with my early class. I can't remember what I did, but it was not taxing at all... I used a 12kg.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Back at it...

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to train now that Raw Nationals are over. I was more than a little disappointed with my performance, so now I have a puzzle to figure out. What went wrong? Lucky for me, I know a Master Lifter who out lifted everyone at the meet! I got on the phone with Ellen Stein and we talked for about what to do next. She had a look at my blog and lifting and gave me some advice.

First, the good news... my squats look good. They feel good too. I am going to keep my squat cycle the same. I like it and it seams to to work.

Bench is not Ellen's lift. Honestly, I don't really care that much about bench. Besides, I already train with the Bench Press Champion.

Here is my big problem... deadlift. I stink on this lift. I am strong up to a point then I have a major drop off. Ellen gave me some pointers and I can't wait to put them into practice.

Tonight was bench press. Here is how it all went down...

Bench Press
~My shoulder (right) was bugging me tonight, so I went easy. I am supposed to do board presses... I just didn't feel like it tonight.

Face Pulls
50lbs 10X3


My energy was still pretty low. I have been swinging the 12kg with my kettlebell class this last week, which feels great. I am going to be extra vigilant regards to over training. I am going to keep the deadlifts super light and just work technique. I am no stronger now than I was in February, so I have nothing to lose. I am looking forward to see how things go...