Monday, August 11, 2008

Awesome Weekend!

Well it is Monday and I am coming down from a weekend of fun with my best bud Tracy Reifkind. That's right... it was a huge honor for Aaron and me to host the Reifkinds. Yep, I had Rif's ear all to myself several times. I spent that valuable time asking lots of questions about training, kettlebells and powerlifting.

Aaron and I also hosted a BBQ in our back yard for our friends in blogosphere. There are loads of pictures on my facebook account. It is a special occasion when people I know from my blog are in town, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them in person.

Tracy was co-teacher at my kettlebell classes. I have a very dedicated group who train hard, they love it when Tracy comes to town. Tracy and I also went to Bikram yoga twice! We paled around town, walked around Como Lake a couple times and cooked together.

So much fun stuff happened, it is hard to put it all on my blog. Good stuff!


Nikki Shlosser, RKC said...

Oh man, did I miss out! I'm so jealous! BTW, my blog is up now, Fawn... no training on it yet, but I think that might start today. Time to get back to work!

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Fawn, I did not want to leave the bbq,it was great fun and time spent with this group is precious! Thank you for taking time on Thursday to coach me through squats and dl's. We'll see where I go with it as the school year promises to be a busy one. You are the best!!-Katie

fawn said...

Congratulations on passing the RKC! You were missed this weekend. Tracy had pictures of the LA Cert. Looked like lots of fun!

I didn't want you to leave either! You will always be welcome here in Saint Paul! Keep up the powerlifting... you are super strong!

Mark Reifkind said...


thank you and Aaron SO much for letting us spend the weekend at your house. We have a great time and it always felt like home.glad you enjoyed the time as well. you guys rock.

Gabi said...


it was sooooo good to finally meet you in person, and thank you for the invitation - it was a fantastic bbq with lots of fun to share with wonderful people!

Ellen Stein said...

You are so lucky to live in Minneapolis and be so close to the RKC cert and get to watch the new victims go through their paces. Jealous? Hell yeah I am!!! There are no KB people to hang with here in NYC!

fawn said...

It was an honor to have you and Tracy stay with us... our home is always open to you both. Aaron and I think the world of you.

I had so much fun meeting you in person! I wish I could have seen you in action with the kettlebells. Next time I will organize some kettlebell training for us.

I know, aren't I so totally lucky? I can't believe I missed meeting you your first time here. Next summer we will have to tear it up at RKC 2!

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks again for having us over! You and Aaron are so kind....and the food was awesome as well!

When are you guys coming out here to San Diego?

fawn said...

I could never miss an opportunity to spend some time with you, especially if you were here in town! Thank you for coming over. I would have loved to spend more time talking to you about coaching, I think you and Yoana are awesome coaches!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've been so busy since our return home, I can't believe you have 3 more posts before I could comment on this one!

I have a great picture of us by the lake (and Elsa) I hope to get a post dedicated to you, my best bud, and Aaron for opening your home to us for 3 days. It was the best trip of the year for me and Mark and we'll see you again in Sept.

PS I left my fav jacket (with $20 in the pocket, lol) also, when I got home I went to Lulu's, to replace the black wrap, and there were no more!

fawn said...

We will have to share the black wrap. Your Lulu vest is here... safe on my coat wrack. E-mail me your address and I will send it back.

I miss you already. I will be looking forward to seeing you in September.