Monday, August 25, 2008

Back off Squat Day and I-Phase

I want everyone to know that I am now I-Phase certified. How cool is that? If you are a Z person you know that is pretty cool! I had a great weekend with Dr. Cobb, Kathy, Mike TN and Andrea. Dr. Jim Ryan sat next to me, so he was stuck being my partner quite a lot... which was very nice for me. Marty Larson was there to stir things up, Joe Pavel has a spooky eye so he is a good person to practice drills with, Brad is always an interesting case, so he makes a great partner and Aaron Schwenzfiere is so well read and smart he makes the class extra interesting. We had a pretty small class, so I feel like that was to my advantage... and I need every advantage I can get.
Mike and Aaron

Kathy looks like she could be my relative

As fun and great I-Phase was... the class itself was very challenging. I was left pretty drained on days 3 and 4. Today I woke up feeling like the day after Christmas... excited to try all my new skills, but very sad the whole experience is gone. I hope I can recreate everything I learned... I hope I can remember how to apply it, I hope I can actually make it all work right... well I will have to practice. Yikes!

Today was squat day, Maura is off to bench nationals this weekend. Maura had her last bench workout and I did some squats. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squats

I am working on NOT over training. This is a big problem for me because I don't totally know what over training is... for myself. Here is the my biggest problem, even if I don't feel like training, I will feel left out if I don't join in. How am I supposed to know if I am over trained?


Mike T Nelson said...

You will do great with I Phase work on your athletes! There is always TONS of stuff covered though. Great to have you there in class! Whoo ha.

Be careful training the next couple days as doing the I Phase work can generate more "fatigue" than you would ever expect for eye, vestibular and joint work.

Rock on!
Mike N

fawn said...

Thanks again for all your help Mike!

Ellen Stein said...

Hey Fawn, it's me again-on your squats I would eliminate that extra set of 155x5 and go straight to the 165X3.You don't need that middle set-take a bigger jump and it will leave you more energy for your top set.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Great job, another milestone. How many more to accomplish this year?

fawn said...

Thanks Ellen, Your advice is always welcome!

I try for 1 cert a year. It is about all my brain can handle. I have done 2 this year... my quota is filled.

Franz Snideman said...

Sounds like I-phase was awesome!
Practice, practice, practice...

I'm sure this will take you to an even higher level....without a doubt!!!!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

To answer your question about how does one know they have over-trained? I actually think you nailed one of the key signs when you said "even if I don't feel like training, I will feel left out if I don't join in". I certainly recognize it especially with now five co-workers I've trained who are always asking if I could join or lead a training session. These days I politely decline if I know I need the rest .. it ain't easy but its doable.

Mark Reifkind said...


you know you are overtraining if you are not on schedule with your plan and not making the weights you are set up to MUST have a plan and a schedule( weight goals included) or you will always be tempted to do more than you should.
that is the hardest thing about powerlifting; the acceptance of the fact that less is truly more.
not a good place for complusive trainers :))
(learn from my bad example)


fawn said...

That was very helpful Mark. I am on track for my squat training, and I am on track for bench press training. I am just still mystified at my poor performance at Raw Nationals. I am also mystified at how stale my deadlift is...

I do kettlebells everyday, but for the most part that is with my classes and privates. I only have 2 personal kettlebell training day on my schedule... it is nothing particularly taxing. It is mostly for maintenance and powerlifting assistance. The work I do with my privates and classes is my fun work, because I feel like it work or demonstration work.

Mark Reifkind said...


you should read Louie simmons's articles on deadlift training and you will understand why consistent training of the deadlift other than speed work will leave one stale.
as the hands are such big neural generators( as well as the abs and glutes all killed in dls) the deadlift, with its limit absolute loads achieved so easily can quickly fry the cns.this is why wsb advocates switching variations of deads and good mornings constantly. a small change is a big change to the cns as you know.
what you experienced with the dl is completely common which is why wsb doesnt promote lots of dl'ing.
go to and read all of the older stuff from louie. it's eye opening.

Ellen Stein said...

Fawn I totally agree with what Mark said. I too have found the less I deadlift the better my DL is. I had my best raw DL (350) without DL'ing even once. The recovery is too long for me from weekly DL'ing. I have friends (guys of course!) who DL every week and never get any stronger. Try every 10-14 days for starters and see if that works. Less is truly more in powerlifting and Louie Simmons is awesome.