Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bench Press

I can't tell if I really don't like bench press or if I am just resentful because I am not very good at it. Maura and I met up to press a little tonight. Maura is on her way to Bench Press Nationals Labor Day weekend. Tonight was Maura's light bench press, here is how it went down for me...

Single Arm Swing Pyramid
~I did this with my class. I also did various combinations with a 12kg kettlebell. Not a taxing weight at all. I am going to report all significant exercise.

Bench Press
75lbs X 5
95lbs X5X5
~this is the first time I made it through 5 sets of 5 with 95lbs.

Plate Raises


Chest Supported Rows
55lbs X6X3

Skull Crushers
15/15lbs X8X3

A good training night. I feel like my bench press movement is making some improvements, finally.

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